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D-Turn HD

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Heavy duty lathe For machining large diameter and long work pieces. They feature extremely rigid structure and superior precision in rough and finish machining Technical Datasheet

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•   Heavy FC-30 cast machine bed with strong ribbing helps to minimize vibrations •   Transmission gears and shafts made of hardened and ground high alloy steel running in oil bath • Robust multi-plate clutch for driving main spindle   • Case hardened and ground machine bed guideways to   ensure precision for years • X and Z-axis coated with Turcite B   –   Complete with the 3-axis digital readout (DRO) –   Rapid traverse X and Y-axis Technical specifications Center-to-center distance Turning capacity Swing over carriage Swing over gap Machine bed width Gap length X Axis travel: Z Z1...

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Also available with turning capacity up to Ø1600 mm Please ask for detailed quote Technical specifications Center-to-center distance Turning capacity Swing over carriage Swing over gap Machine bed width Gap length X Axis travel: Z Z1 Division value of X-axis dial X Automatic axis feed rate: Z Range of metric screw threads (number) Range of diametral screw threads (number) Range of module screw threads (number) Range of Whitworth screw threads (number) Spindle speed range Turning chuck mount Spindle bore diameter Tool shank dimensions Diameter of tailstock quill Tailstock quill travel/taper...

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D-Turn Tube D-Turn Tube Item D-Turn HD 480 D-Turn HD 560 Spindle & headstock •  ore 6”, 9”, 12”, turbine speed change mechanism with on easy speed jumping B and three-point support for the box. • itted with adjustable, electromagnetic brake for easy braking adjustment accorF ding to different work piece materials and speed. •  ear and shaft are made of super alloy material with bearings to offer durable G cutting and low production noise. • ealed oil bath lubrication system with enforced oil supply by mechanical pump S to achieve better lubrication effects. •  ne piece casting work with...

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Equipment with rapid feeding, rapid transmission, forward and reverse movement and safety device matched with sealed oil bath auto-lubricating system. Adopt quick-change universal metric/inch gearbox for inch, metric, DP, MP, threading and multiple threads, all function is reached without any change gear, wide and complete range of threads and operating easily to improve production efficiency. Face plate with 4-jaw 40" Follow rest Quick change tool post (Standard style) Quick change tool post (European style) Taper turning attachment Automated rapid tool post Longitudinal adjustable...

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D-Turn HD Digital readout and scales 3-axis digital readout •   Digital readout for universal use on lathes, drilling, milling and grinding machines • High-precision system for retrofitting your machine tool   • Different sizes to ensure a quick and easy installation, even   in restrict spaces, especially with the mounting brackets supplied Axes Displays Keys for cleaning the displayed value to zero Keys for Axis selection Entry keys for digits Key for cleaning the displayed value to zero Input (calculation result) canceling key (in Calculation function key) Square root calculating key (in...

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Technical specifications • • • • • Sturdy completely metal housing   Connected value 80 to 260 V, 50-60 Hz   Power consumption 25VA   Working temperature 0 to 45 degree   Signal processing = EIA-422A linedriver   (better signal transfer than TTL) •   Maximum input frequency 5 MHz Scales Standard scales: KA-300 · KA-600 Glass scales in small construction for small machines and tight spaces: KA-500 · KA-200 Scales in excess length longer than 3.000 to 100.000 mm: Range of functions (depending on the machinetype settings) 4 ompletely calculator function C 4 ngular and bow function (Interior...

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