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Centerless Cylindrical Grinding

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C L G •  heavy Meehanite cast frame, heat treated and A relaxed, provides a solid foundation for the CLG centerless cylindrical grinding •  guideways are hardened and precision ground to All ensure consistent accuracy and wear resistance •  The grinding and regulating spindle is made ​​of high quality steel SNCM-220 after deep hardening (HRC62) and grinding process particularly suited for years of tough production conditions •  The spindles are made of SNCM-4 material and provides specially designed spindle nut Feed rate accuracies of the highest quality •  wide range of options are...

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C L G Carbide blade for both thrufeed and infeed grinding (Selection table) Workpiece Carbide blade thickness Carbide blade thickness 12 t=6 m/m for Ø10 t=8 m/m for Ø16 t=8 m/m for Ø20 t=13 m/m for Ø30 t=20 m/m for Ø40 Standard Accessories 1. Regulating wheel and flange x 1 set (mounted on machine) 2. Grinding wheel and flange x 1 set (mounted on machine) 3. Infeed work rest and carbide blade x 1 set 4. Thrufeed work rest and carbide blade x 1 set 5. Standard electric equipment x 1 set (mounted on machine) 6. Oil tank x 1 set (incl. oil cooling fan) 7. Standard coolant system x 1 set 8....

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3. Manual feeder for infeed grinding (up and down) 1. Wheel balancing stand and arbor 2. Automatic infeed attachment 4. Hydraulic work ejector (infeed grinding) 5. Automatic loading attachment (thrufeed grinding) 6. Automatic feeder for thrufeed grinding (hopper type) (Ø2-8 mm, L50-180 mm) (Ø5-20 mm, L100-600 mm) 7. Automatic unloading attachment (thufeed grinding) 8. V type supporter for long bar grinding (Ø2-14 mm) 9. Profile grinding attachment 10. Magnetic coolant seperator 11. Magnetic with paper filter 12. Hydrocyclone coolant seperator 13. Auto. loading and unloading attachment...

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C L G Dimensions and Floor Occupation Automatic Unloading Equipment for Thrufeed Grinding (Optional) Loading and Unloading Equipment for lnfeed Grinding (Optional) •  esigned for automatic unloading for round tube and bar D stock, this equipment can avoid workpiece surface scratching. It is also suitable for online operation while performing two to three grinding processes. The conveyor is easy to adjust. Equipped with a parts tray for convenient parts collection after grinding. •  employs a robot arm to pick workpieces from the tray It and place them into the machine for grinding. The...

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Pressure Switch Hydraulic Cooling Device •  hen starting the grinding wheel and W regulating wheel spindle, this pressure switch allows starting only when oil enters into bearings thereby providing safety protection for the spindie bearings. •  he lubrication system for bearings T on grinding wheel spindle, regulating wheel spindle and hydraulic system are driven by the same hydraulic pump. A cooling fan is equipped for effectively reducing oil temperature. Feed Screw •  he feed screw is manufactured from Nickel Chromolybedenum T alloy steel (SNCM-4). It is also normalized, high frequency...

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Work sample Grinding wheel Peripheral speed Motor shaft Roundness 0.2 /i m (stock re moval 0.15) Automation Process Stock Removal Feed Speed Surface Finish Work sample gear shaft Peripheral speed 2,000 M/min Regulating wheel speed 21 rpm (including loading lime of 2 5 sec.) Stock removal 0,09 mm/dia. Work sample Peripheral speed 2,000 M/min Regulating wheel speed 30 rpm (including loading lime of 2.5 sec.) Stock removal 0.25 mm/dia. The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice, no liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

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