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MO-6700DA Series - 1

MO-6700DA Series Semi-dry-head, High-speed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine Maximum sewing speed is increased to MO-6700DA Series JUKI's dry-head technology protects the sewing products from oil stains.

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MO-6700DA Series - 2

MO-6700DABest selling machine to eliminate oil stains on the sewing product. JUKI’S cutting-edge dry-head technology has been introduced to the MO-6700S, which has an established reputation for its excellent seam quality and higher productivity. Only the parts which mainly contribute to oil splashes are improved to have dry mechanisms to create the semi-dry-head overlock machine, MO6700DA series. The MO-6700DA Series is the best selling machine to eliminate oil stains on the sewing product. Oil stains on the sewing product are eliminated. •Oil splashes are substantially reduced to eliminate...

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MO-6700DA Series - 3

SUBCLASS MACHINE LIST A variety of subclass machines is available. Materials Number of needles Number of threads Needle gauge (mm) Number of feed dog rows Remarks <1-needle overlock> For runstitching in general fabric •Blind hemming MO-6705DA-0D4-210/L121 (L121: Blind stitch hemming attachment) •Gathering MO-6714DA-BE6-327/S162 (S162: Swing-type gathering device,

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MO-6700DA Series - 4

For gathering S159: Swing-type gathering device (interlocked with pedal) For rolling-in tape N077: Clean finish top and bottom *"sti/min" stands for "Stitches per Minute." The sewing machine is fully equipped with adjusting devices and provisions to effectively prevent puckering of difficult-to-sew materials or new-generation materials. The operator is able to produce beautifully finished high-quality seams without conducting difficult adjustments. •The locus of feed and feed timing are selected to offer optimum conditions for sewing light-weight materials. •The machine comes as standard...

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MO-6700DA Series - 5

Existing devices, attachments and gauges for the conventional MO-6000 Series are applicable to the MO-6700DA Series. • Chain-off thread trimming device T039 • Pneumatic chain-off thread suction device [Reference] Combination table of“chain-off thread suction device”and “auto-lifer”which correspond to“chain-off thread trimming device.’ The aforementioned devices are not equipped with air regulator. Please purchase the following components when you need to regulate air pressure. Part No. Description Feature

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MO-6700DA Series - 6

■ WHEN YOU PLACE ORDERS Please note when placing orders, that the model name should be written as follows: Stitch type Model name *"sti/min" stands for "Stitches per Minute." To order, please contact your nearest JUKI distributor. JUKI CORPORATION HEAD OFFICE Juki Corporation operates an environmental management system to promote and conduct the following as the company engages in the research, development, design, sales, distribution ,and maintenance of industrial sewing machines, household sewing machines, industrial robots, etc., and in the provision of sales and maintenance services for...

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