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AMS-210EN Series - 1

AMS-210EN Series AMS-221EN Series Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function Lineup of our cutting-edge sewing machines 2516 AMS-210EN Series AMS-221EN Series Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function

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AMS-210EN Series - 2

Energysaving The new AMS Series models substantially decrease power consumption when compared with the conventional ones. They have been designed to achieve eco-friendliness. Productivity The sewing machine achieves the highest sewing speed, , in the industrial sewing machine industry. As a result, cycle time is dramatically reduced. The AMS Series is newly reborn. New technologies have helped the AMS Series increase "productivity," achieve "energy conservation" in consideration of the global environment, and further improve "quality." Quality The feed accuracy is substantially improved due...

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AMS-210EN Series - 3

The maximum sewing speed per stitching-pitch (stitch length) is increased. Cycle time is shortened. The sewing machine has achieved the industry's highest sewing speed of 2,800sti/min. The maximum sewing speed is reached by the 2nd stitch from the beginning of sewing. Since the sewing machine maintains its highest sewing speed immediately before the end of sewing and instantaneously decreases its speed, cycle time can be substantially decreased. JUKI's unique stepping-motor controlled thread trimming mechanism is adopted to enable speedy and consistent thread trimming performance. Sewing at...

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AMS-210EN Series - 4

In order to produce beautiful seams, new functions have been added. Feeding frame Improvement of seam quality Two different types of feeding frames The position of the feed can be checked during sewing by means of the encoder-controlled X-Y drive stepping motor. This remarkably improves accuracy of the feed. As a result, deformation of a sewing pattern which is likely to occur when sewing at a high speed or sewing a heavy-weight material is significantly reduced. The feeding frame comes in two different types; the monolithic feeding frame and the separately-driven feeding frame. The...

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AMS-210EN Series - 5

Operation panel provided with programmable functions IP-420 (provided as standard) The large-sized liquid crystal touch panel, which has been developed to ensure ease of operation, dramatically increases efficiency in edit work. Pneumatic inverted clamp device The model is best-suited to circular sewing, for attaching small patches such as labels and emblems. For the S type (motor-driven feeding frame), the AMS-210EN pneumatic set is required. The IP-420 touch panel offers market-proven ease of operation. It is provided with a wide screen and programmable functions. Data can be input/edited...

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AMS-210EN Series - 6

Needle / Needle hole guide / Intermediate presser corresponding table AMS-210EN Series Model name Needle hole guide Intermediate presser Knit and knitting fabric (option) Light- to medium-weight (S type) Medium- to heavy-weight (H type) Needle hole diameter Feeding frame type Heavy-weight (option) Monolithic feeding frame Separately-driven feeding frame Pneumatic feeding frame (lifting amount: 30mm) Extra heavy-weight (option) For the prevention of stitch skipping on heavy-weight materials (option) Heavy-weight (slide-type thread take-up lever: standard) Motor-driven feeding frame (lifting...

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AMS-210EN Series - 7

WHEN YOU PLACE ORDERS Please note when placing orders, that the model name should be written as follows: Sewing area Feeding frame type Pedal switch Motor-driven feeding frame Pneumatic feeding frame Applicable model For the machine head of the area code 1306, the separately-driven feeding frame is provided. Feeding frame type "C" (PK78) should be selected for feeding frame type with the motor-driven feeding frame (S). "D" (PK47) should be selected for feeding frame type with the pneumatic feeding frame (L). Pneumatic work clamp Feeding frame type Motor-driven work clamp AMS- 221EN Series M...

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