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Logistic Tracker EDM - 2

Logistic tracker Asset tracking through ships, planes and automobiles storage environment monitoring for fragile products (textile, wine, meat, etc….) security measures for shipment (theft prevention).

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Logistic Tracker EDM - 3

Logistic tracker Things Matrix 03/07/08 TMY03 is the lightest and smallest logistic tracker JPC provides, while still providing the necessity data like GPS/LBS location and motion detection. TMY 03 is able to use all three reporting modes including flight safe mode, which allows the tracker to automatically turn off while the plane is flying. TMY 03 battery life is decently long allowing it to be used on application with longer work time. Battery Life Battery capacity Feature 。Temperature 。Built in tamper alert (optical sensor) 。flight safe mode 。motion sensor

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Logistic Tracker EDM - 4

Logistic tracker Things Matrix 03/07/08 TMY07 has the longest battery life out of all trackers that JPC provides, it is able to last more than a month with moderate amount of use. TMY 07 is able to track more data than TMY 03, such as temperature and humidity. TMY 07 also offers flight safe mode allowing wider logistic applica- tions. With ultra long battery life, and wide range of sensors. TMY 07 is suited to be used in many applications, especially in scenarios which the device can’t be charged often. Battery Life Battery capacity Feature 。Temperature 。Built in tamper alert (optical sensor)...

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Logistic Tracker EDM - 5

TMY08 is the largest tracker that JPC provides. TMY08 has an Input/Output interface to support a variety of sensors that are interchangeable. This allows for sensor customization for customers to customize their TMY08 to meet their own needs. With customizable sensors and decent battery life, TMY08 is a truly versatile logistic tracker that can be used in most applications. Region Global with 2G/4G Battery Life 10days with 1 report/ hour “Temperature sensor “Humidity sensor “GPS “Customizable external sensor

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Logistic Tracker EDM - 6

Companion Platform = 0 Asset <•> Device Ust ft Home 0 Oiganizalion 0 Connertivty 0 Asset Easily manage multiple device

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Logistic Tracker EDM - 7

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Logistic Tracker EDM - 8

Humidity Graph Organization v Battery Graph A Home nTH*— I hthCoVOiQ 1S 15*53/ * OttOO humidity 6fl Data Source Serial Number Data Fieiri Device Telemetry Data Data Source Device Teiemerry Data Door Sensor Table with time stamp 2020/ 7 Sena Number Save Dashboard Door Status Of Sensor:

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