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Autoclaves for sterilization “Presoclave IlI” 50 and 80 MICROPROCESSOR TEMPERATURE AND CYCLE CONTROL AND ATMOSPHERIC PURGE. ELECTRONIC CONTROL OF TIME AND TEMPERATURE RANGE FROM 115 °C TO 134 °C. (0.62 TO 2 bar). CONFORMS TO APPARATUS PRESSURE REGULATION DIRECTIVES. VERTICAL MODEL: 50 AND 80 LITRES. SAFETY OVER PRESSURE VALVE: SAFETY PRESSURE SWITCH: SAFETY THERMOSTAT AND WATER LEVEL: SAFETY LID: SAFETY INSULATION: SAFETY: PREVENTS OVER PRESSURE ABOVE THE MAXIMUM SET LIMIT. DISCONNECTS POWER TO THE HEATER IF THE UNIT EXCEEDS THE MAXIMUM PRESSURE LIMIT. DISCONNECT POWER TO THE HEATER IF INSUFFICIENT WATER OR OVER TEMPERATURE. PREVENTS THE LID BEING OPENED IF THE CHAMBER IS UNDER PRESSURE. THERMALLY INSULATED LID . An economic alternative, semi-automatic FEATURES External case made from stainless steel. INCOLOY stainless steel heater elements, hard waring, resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. Sterilization chamber and door made from stainless steel. Automatic purge to atmosphere Lid,6 point closure. CONTROL PANEL 1. Pressure gauge. 2. Illuminated alarm indicator. 3. Illuminated indicator end of cycle. 4. Illuminated indicator door open 5. Temperature display. 6. Time display 7. Temperature set pushbutton (range from 115 °C to 134 °C). 8. Pushbutton increase value. 9. Push button START 10. Push Button STOP 11. Push button Reduce value. 12. Push button select time, (range from 3’ to 99’). 13. Push button open lid. MODELS Capacity litres Ø Height Height / Width / Depth Power Weight (usables cm) (exterior cm) W Kg ACCESSORIES: AISI 304 Stainless steel wire baskets and drums. For Presoclave lll 50, Part. no: 4001725. Capacity, 3 baskets Ø 25 and 20 cm. height. Part No. 1000495 For Presoclave lll 80, Part. no: 4002136. Capacity, 2 baskets Ø 36 and 28 cm. height. Part No. 1000496 Sterilization drum made from AISI 304 stainless steel. For Presoclave lll 50, Part. no: 4001725. Capacity, 3 drum Ø 25 and 18 cm. height. Part No. 1002418 For Presoclave lll 80, Part. no: 4002136. Capacity, 2 drum Ø 35 and 27 cm. height. Part No. 1002419 Detergent Bio-Sel. Water distillation unit especially for autoclaves. USB adapter model. Pen-Drive included (Memory board) for data storage. Part No: 4120131 1. Mains power. 2. Safety valve. 3. Steam empty valve. 4. Safety thermostat 5. Drain selector valve. COMPLEMENTS That needs to be factory installed: Pt100 second sensor only temperature reader. Part No. 4001219 (see page 63). Printer of continuous paper roll with print out of temperature, pressure, time and mode. Part No. 4002421 (see page 62). Loading and unloading crane. Part No. 1002426

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