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CC-1431 - 1

Digital cell counter for blood components "CC-1431" Designed for any type of cell or type counting and blood analysis, Languages: Spanish, English and French. Operating menu displayed on the screen, 4 LCD lines of 20 characters Visualization of data can be displayed as partial, total, and absolute or percentage of Possibility to correct the last count, Memorizes the last pulsed count and identifies it on the screen, Audible pulse control when the key is pulsed, advises when the count limit is reached, Up to 14 separate key inputs per program, Power: 12 V. Includes mains adapter. USB interface for download of results to a computer, Includes software for PC with the following parameters: Patient Number, Laboratory name, Date, Hour, Comments and comparison of previous results after treatment. FOUR PROGRAMS INCLUDED: LEUC (leukocytes) - Leukocyte count, -14 different cell types, - 3 Keys for counts that are not used in the final count: - Total cell count (at the end of counting) selectable from 100 to 1000 in steps of 100, MYEL (myelocytes). - Myelocytes count, -14 different cell types that accumulate to the total count, - Total cell count selectable from 100 to 1000 in steps of 100, RETI (reticuloecytes/erythrocytes) - Reticuloecytes count. - No. of cells by configurable view from 50 to 250, -1 Key for erythrocytes that are not included in the final count, -Total (end of count) fixed at 1000, FREE (program, customer set) - Configurable count. - Each key can be activated or deactivated for the count, - Total cell count (at the end of counting) selectable from 100 to 1000 in steps of 100, - SELECT: choose one program or one option, - ENTER: accept the option choose. 14 Keys for different cell types: COUNTER LEUC ■Seg: Segments or granulocytes, ■Lym: Linfocytes, ■Mono: Monocytes, ■Stab: Bands. ■Baso: Basocytes, -Myelo: MieloBlasts. ■AtLy: Linfocytes untypical. ■MyBi: Mielococytes Binucleads, ■Normo: NormoBlasts, ■Tox. Gr.: Granulocytes toxic, ■Reti: Reticulocytes, ■Ery: Eritrocytes / EritoBlasts. Laboratory name: Hospilal San Pedro Patient name: |Nomtire del paLiente: HHH "I Indice elevado de Estab y My BJ. Sin cambios respecto al anteiioi. Software download and report.

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CC-1431 - 2

Colony counter “Digital S” FOR PETRI DISH OF UP TO 100 mm DIAMETER. APPLICATIONS Molecular Biology, Genetics and microbiology. FEATURES The unit records each pulsed colony count on the digital screen to a total of 999 counts. Pressure to count can be made by any way (pencil, or pen tip etc.). Epoxy coated casing. Reversible interior background part in white or black. Steady, (glare free) fluorescent illumination,clear and wide view visibility. Removable plates for housing varying sizes of Petri dishes. Location for reversible contrast plates. Magnifying glass X2 with adjustable height and...

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