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MAGNETIC STIRRERS A new gnration of stirrer for the most exacting work \ Magnetic Stirrer "Agimin" without heating ( ^ MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED, ELECTRONIC CONTROL, PORTABLE. FEATURES Maximum stir volume 1 litre. Speed controllable from 40 to 2000 r.p.m. with storage of the ultimate speed setting. Double power source: 4 x 1.5V AA batteries or with a mains adapter. Moulded ABS plastic case. Excellent resistance to chemical agents. CONTROL PANEL Luminous On/Off push button. Luminous r.p.m. push button. Increase/ decrease speed push button. Low battery indicator lamp. MODEL Part No. 7001731 Height 0 Depth Power Weight cm cm cm W Kg Comes complete with support bar and clamp for 3 electrodes (1 x 13 mm 0 and 2 x 16 mm 0), 4 batteries 1.5V AA, mains adapters and 2 PTFE coated stir bars. 10 15 0.9 0.35 ~\ Magnetic stirrer "Agimicro" without heating FEATURES Maximum stir volume: 2 Litres. Adjustable stir speed from 40 to 1400 r.p.m. Durable moulded ABS plastic body. Excellent chemical resistance. MODEL CONTROLPANEL Mains switch with luminous "on" indicator. Analogue control of speed in r.p.m. ACCESSORIES Support bar and electro驭de clamp (1 of 13 and 2 of 16 mm 0). Used with pH and conductivity meters. Part No. 7001639 Part No. Height 0 Plate Power Weight cm cm W Kg 7001638 5 12 2 0.5 Comes complete with a 8 0 x 32 mm P.T.F.E. coated stir bar. Powerful magnetic stirrer "Agimatic-H"without heating FOR LOW VISCOSITY VOLUMES FROM 1 TO 25 LITRES AND 60 LITRES. USING REDUCED VOLUMES THE UNIT CAN STIR MEDIUM TO HIGH VISCOSITY LIQUIDS. um stirring power FEATURES CONTROL PANEL Electronic speed control from 50 to 980 r.p.m, will Main switch with a luminous "on" indicator. maintain a constant stir speed irrespective of the liquid Electronic speed control. viscosity. Digital speed display in r.p.m. Digital speed display. AISI 304 stainless steel top plate with an epoxy coated metal case. MODEL Part No. Speed control Maximum stir Height/Width/ Depth Power Weight r.p.m. volume in litres (exterior) cm W Kg AGIMATIC-HS 7001005 50 to 980 up to 25 12 28 34 35 8 AGIMATIC-HL 7001006 50 to 980 up to 60 14 44 38 40 12 Model HS comes complete with a 16 0 x 127 mm stir bar and model HL with a 19 0 x 150 mm stir bar. Stirrers & Shakers

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