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INTERCOM PHONE Product Model: JWAT415 Defend Grade:IP66 Communication System: Analogue Material: Rolled Steel Color: Orange (Optional) Technical Parameters Application The JWAT415 telephone is a high-tech product that combines the actual needs of expressway sites. It is widely used in expressways, tunnels, and pipe corridors. (Jb) https://www.joiwo.com (V) No. 8 Middle Road Guoxiang Bridge Lanjiang Street Yuyao Zhejiang China

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IP66 telephone for Tunnel - 2

Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Features 1. The whole machine is made of cold rolled steel except the internal circuit board. The phone surface is sprayed with plastic. 2. All openings and edges are cut by non-marking laser cutting, and the bending machine is used for bending; 3. The surface is waterproof and dustproof, with a built-in waterproof speaker; 4. Cold rolled steel shell, high mechanical strength, strong impact resistance; 5. The built-in circuit of the phone has strong anti-interference ability, and the call sound quality is stable and clear; 6....

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