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innovating motion

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The data used in this Product Overview may be used as a guideline only. Spcifie operational characteristics of our products may vary according to individual applications. It is strongly recommended that specific operating conditions are clarified with Johnson Electric before application. Johnson Electric Terms and Conditions of Sale apply. All data may be subject to change without notice.

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Table of Contents Johnson Electric Group 2 Group Looking for a specialized switch solution 4 Table of typical applications & Saia switch types 8 Terminology 9 Microswitches 17 Subminiature XC 18 X4 22 V4N 27 V4NC 32 Miniature XG 36 X3 41 G3 46 Table of preferred products 57 Saia microswitches 1

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OVERVIEW The Johnson Electric Group is one of the world's largest providers of motion actuators for automotive and industrial applications Over the years, we have shipped billions of motors to more than thirty countries in over one hundred diffrent motor applications. Johnson Electric has an annual production capacity of one billion motors. to meet ail of our commitments and to support our customers' success. Product reliability and assurance of supply are our commitment. Johnson Electric delivers comptitive advantage Johnson Electric delivers differentiation and innovation through its...

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HOW WE ARE ORGANIZED Johnson Electric Holdings Limited is the parent company of the Johnson Electric Group and has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 1984. The Group structure consists of a number of operating divisions and business units focused on their particular customer application or product segment Johnson Electric Group Who/fy owned by Johnson Electric Holdings Limited (stock code: 179) Components & Services Other Group Businesses (jj Parlex Corporation Johnson Electric Trading Saia-Burgess Controls V-Motor Nanomotion Johnson Electric Capital China Autoparts, Inc...

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Looking for a specialized switching solution? Look no further. In addition to the wide range of standard products shown in this catalog, we will be happy to working with you to meet your switching needs. If your application requires more than a standard product solution, please consider us early in your design process. Our product development team will be happy to discuss your specification, whether you need a special switch design or a complete value-added assembly. We specialize in developing switches for high-volume applications. The images shown give some examples of our capabilities. 4...

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Saia is a leading global brand for switches for the appliances and consumer products industries Saia defines prcision switching for high volumes. The Saia brand focuses firmly on miniature and subminiature snap-action switch types, the world's two most commonly used industry standards. Wide range Snap-action switches have to fulfill a wide variety of funtions. Whether it is signai or power switching, high or iow force actuation, there will be a Saia switch for your application - with extensive terminal and lever options to make your s驩lection straightforward. Environmental protection The...

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Switches in the Circuit Breaker Industry Switches can be found in a variety of circuit breaker applications, for both domestic and commercial installations: Domestic Circuit Breakers ■ Most commonly used switches to trip breaker Industrial Breakers ■ Higher rated switches are typically used for industrial applications due to the higher switching loads Heavy Duty Industrial Breakers ■ Used in commercial and industrial applications for switching heavy loads Molded Case Breakers ■ Similar to domestic single and double ple breakers i Oil or vacuum filled high voltage breakers Saia...

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Switches for domestic appliances Switches are found in numerous applications in the appliance industry. Saia switches for domestic appliances Switches used in domestic appliances have: ■ a wide range of actuating force options ■ reliability throughout the life of the product ■ compliance with relevant UL, CSA and ENEC approvals ■ the ability to switch power or signal ■ environmentai protection in wet or dusty applications Saia switches forvending and gaming machines Gaming machines demand: ■ dependability and reliability ■ a high degree of shock rsistance in the mechanism ■ good tactile...

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Table of typical applications & Saia switch types In addition to the products shown in the Product Catalog pages, the Product Mapping table below shows a wide range of switch types for a selection of applications. Also, a switch may be customized to fulfill your specific requirements, please feel free to contact us. Application & Switch Sries JL G x x X Cash machine Circuit Breaker Commercial Equipment 镕ՕՕ ՕՕՕ Copier & Printer Օ Distribution ՕՕՕ Օ Օ Floor cleaning machines Forklifts Օ Home Appliances ՕՕՕ Industrial automation Օ Industry general ՕՕՕ Medical Օ Power tools Safety and...

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Terminology: Snap-action switches Contact Rsistance The contact rsistance is the electrical r驩sistance measured at the terminais of the switch when the contacts are closed. The resistance specifications refer to unwired switches in new condition. Positions - forces - m ovements Free position Position of the actuator, without any influence from an external force. Operating position Position of the actuator when contact changeover takes place. Total travel position Position of the actuator at the end of the allowed travel. Release position Position of the actuator when the switch mechanism...

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Actuating force - movement - diagram Total travel position Contact force - movement - diagram Pre-travel Over-travel Normally closed max. Free position Release position Normally open 0 max. Movement differential Total travel position Post release travel Release travel 10 Saia microswitches ia -switch .co m

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Switch Technology Approvals Clearance Distance - the distance in air between current carrying parts of opposite polarity or between any current carrying part and an earthed-(grounded) metal plate to which the switch is attached. Creepage Distance - the path along the surface of insulating material between current carrying parts of opposite polarity or between any current carrying part and an earthed (grounded) metal plate to which the switch is attached. Insulation Resistance - resistance as measured bet-ween the normally closed terminals, or between all terminals connected together and a...

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