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Steam-Assisted Flares

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Steam-Assisted Flares Safe, Economical And Smokeless John Zink Hamworthy Combustion offers engineered solutions for steam-assisted flare systems, meeting evertightening environmental regulations while extending run times and reducing operating costs. Our solutions use advanced, simplified steam delivery and special noisecontrol technologies to maximize smokeless performance efficiencies and reduce the impact of flaring. Steamizer XP One flare does it all. Our state-of-the-art Steamizer® XP™ minimizes smoke and reduces steam consumption compared to traditional steam flare solutions. EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE Steam Savings The XP utilizes 30% to 40% less steam for smoke suppression than traditional technologies, resulting in significantly reduced operating and capital costs. Increased Smokeless Capacity Innovative primary steam/air eduction and secondary air entrainment techniques result in an increased smokeless capacity of 40% to 60% for a given steam flow rate. SMOKELESS PERFORMANCE 130,000 Propylene Smokeless Flow Rate (lb/hr) “After installing the XPs, we achieved our first smokeless start-up ever. Now, over 10 years and two turnarounds later, inspection showed both flares are still in very good condition.” — Customer in

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Prior to development of XP technology, our Steamizer HSA John Zink Hamworthy Combustion’s QS™ flare tip set the industry standard for high-capacity steam steam-assisted flare tip is a cost-effective design flares. It provides improved efficiency over perimeter-only that delivers smokeless operation where moderate steam tips via the use of internal steam/air tubes. Some of smokeless capacities and noise levels are acceptable. the largest steam flares in the world are of this design. GLOBAL FLARE MANUFACTURING JZHC has locations all over the map, with thousands of employees worldwide. Global...

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STEAMIZER® XP™ DESIGN FEATURES Shear Mixing A converging nozzle directs the waste stream to intersect the steam/air stream at a slight angle. The patented design improves mixing resulting in exceptional smokeless performance. It is particularly efficient for olefins due to the exceptional mixing characteristics of the tip. Steam/Air (S/A) Tube Efficiency The XP flare is designed with straight S/A tubes instead of angled S/A tubes found in other steam flares. This innovation results in optimized air eduction efficiency that contributes to superior performance. Secondary Air Entrainment The...

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Lower Installation Costs Conventional steam-assisted flares require multiple steam lines for optimal smoke suppression. The XP can be supplied with a single steam line, providing significant material and installation cost savings. Increased Tip Life Flame damage due to improper steam operation is significantly reduced as a result of the XP's unique design which provides for simplified control. In addition, steam injection components are well protected from radiation and flame impingement compared to traditional flare designs. Our smokeless capacity has more than doubled and day-to-day...

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