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The John Guest Group has a long established reputation as a world leading manufacturer of push-fit fittings, tube and other fluid control products. A reputation built on producing consistently high quality products with an ongoing commitment to value engineering and product development. Quality Manufacture A commitment to quality is at the heart of the John Guest philosophy. The strictest control is maintained by virtue of the fact that design and manufacture is carried out in modern purpose built manufacturing centres in west London and at Maidenhead in Berkshire.

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Maintaining control over the whole process from initial tool design and tool making through to final assembly and testing ensuring that only products of the highest quality are produced. The company believe it is this commitment to quality that has led to it receiving prestigious awards from many of the world’s leading testing and approvals organisations. John Guest is a preferred supplier to many international companies.

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Contents Compressed Air Pipe and Fittings Compressed Air Products A push-fit system of fittings and pipe which means a compressed air supply can be installed quickly and easily with much reduced production down time. Pneumatic Fittings Metric Size Fittings Metric Size Fittings in 4 to 12mm sizes. Selected items have Superthread. A unique thread with integral seal suitable for 5 different thread forms. Banjo Flow Controls Banjo Flow Controls, compact envelope size and precise adjustment. Miniature Fittings, specially designed for miniature pneumatics applications. Inch Size Fittings in 5/32”...

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Accessories Accessories Tube Cutters, Flow Bend Clips, Collet Covers and Tube Inserts. Strong but flexible and available in 8 colours. Tubing LLDPE Tube Technical Specifications Pneumatics Fittings Product Selection and Installation, Maintenance and Replacement, Cleaners and Sanitising, and Warranty

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The easy to use push-fit system for Compressed Air The John Guest range of push-fit fittings and pipe provide the ideal connection from compressor receiver to air line service components through to complete ring main and take off points. A compressed air system can be installed quickly and easily, compared with other installation methods, time savings of at least 50% are easily achievable.

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No need to prepare threaded pipe or solvent, all the connections can be made with a simple push-fit action. The system is then immediately ready for use. Complex systems can be assembled much more rapidly than with traditional methods and because fittings are easy to disconnect, systems can be altered or extended with much reduced production down time. The fittings are produced in either a tough engineering plastics material or in brass in sizes 12mm to 28mm. They are intended for use with John Guest nylon, aluminum pipe or copper and can also be used on vacuum application. • Installation...

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Adaptors for galvanised, see pages 17-18. Porting Block, see page 15. Complex systems easy to produce. 2. Push pipe into fitting

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Water Trap Tee, see page 11. Aluminium Wall Box, see page 16. Brass Wingback Elbow, see page 17. 3. Easy to use in 4. Complex systems 5. System complete confined spaces easy to achieve in 2 days

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EASY TO MAKE A CONNECTION ‘O’ Ring Pipe Stop Stainless Steel Teeth Collet The John Guest Push-fit Fitting has a collet (gripper) with stainless steel teeth which hold the pipe firmly in position and an ‘O’ ring to provide a permanent leak proof seal. THREE EASY STEPS Fittings and pipe should be kept clean and undamaged before use. Cut the pipe square. We recommend the use of the JG Pipe Cutter. DO NOT use a hacksaw. To avoid damage to the ‘O’ ring remove burrs and sharp edges. Push up to pipe stop. Pull to check secure. Test the system before use. To disconnect, ensure the system is...

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28mm fittings also have a collet with stainless steel teeth and an ‘O’ ring. After inserting the pipe, a screw cap is turned approx 1/4 turn. This locks the collet in place and reduces lateral and sideways movement of the pipe. To disconnect, turn the screw cap 1/4 turn, push in the collet and remove the pipe. The fitting and pipe can be reused. Nylon, Copper & Aluminium Pipe Whilst we recommend the use of John Guest Rigid Nylon Pipe, John Guest Fittings can also be used with copper or aluminium pipe.

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UNIQUE FEATURES STEM ELBOW Designed to simplify pipe connections in restricted spaces, the Stem Elbow gives an instant swivel fitting so a pipe can be orientated in any direction. J--1 Can be used with an elbow to make ‘U’ turn connection. Can be used Please note a collet cover cannot ^ yee be used on a Speedfit end assembled with the stem of a 22mm Stem Elbow. WATER TRAP TEE The new Water Trap Tee from John Guest solves the on-going problem of moisture in acompressed air system and provides the easy alternative to the need to install “Swan Necks”. The ingenious inside arrangement of the...

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Speed fit'Air Products WATER TRAP TEE CONVERTOR The Water Trap Tee Convertor is a simple convenient way of converting a standard John Guest 28mm Tee to a Water Trap Tee. This will stop condensing water entering the vertical take off spur. The air supply needs to be installed with the correct fall and water drain points regularly vented. To Assemble Use either John Guest 28mm Nylon Pipe or 28mm copper pipe. The pipe to be cut square and be free of burrs. Press the shorter spigot into the pipe. The fit on copper pipe will be loose, this will not affect the function. Push the pipe and...

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COMPRESSED AIR FITTINGS A push-tit system of fittings and ppe vAhich means a compressed air system can be installed quickly and easily with much reduced production down time. It is elso easy to rearrange and extend a system. PART NO. PIPE THREAD EQUAL ELBOW

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STEM ADAPTOR Converts push-fit end to male thread PART NO. STEM THREAD OD BSP PM051213E 12 x 3/8 John Guest Adaptability Standard Super Speedfit3 products can be coupled together to form integral new fittings.

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