The Push-fit Solution for Blown Fibre & Cable Systems - 12 Pages

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The Push-fit Solution for Blown Fibre & Cable Systems

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^0 John Guest® The Push-fit Solution for Blown Fibre & Cable Systems

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Quality Manufacture The John Guest Group has a long established reputation as a world leading manufacturer of push-fit fittings, tube and other fluid control products. A reputation built on producing consistently high quality products with an ongoing commitment to value engineering and product development. A commitment to quality is at the heart of the John Guest philosophy The strictest control is maintained by virtue of the fact that design and manufacture is carried out in modern purpose built manufacturing centres in west London and at Maidenhead in Berkshire. Maintaining control over...

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Contents Straight Connectors Bulkhead Connectors End Stops Reducers and Enlargers Gas Block Connectors Close Down Assemblies Water Block Connectors Speedfit Secure Connectors 12 Way Ribbon Connectors Collet Covers and Collet Clips Plugs Tools Plastic Cartridges

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A Range of Push-fit Connectors specially designed and produced for blown fibre and cable applications Fibres/Cables can be blown through most connectors in either direction (check with product data sheets). To make a connection, push the tube into the fitting. The unique John Guest locking system then seals and connects the microduct tube providing a seamless path for unhindered fibre bundle or cable passage. For additional security ie. direct buried applications, the ‘Speedfit Secure’ range incorporates an integral collet locking feature.

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BULKHEAD CONNECTORS Utilising John Guest push-fit technology, this range of connectors is used to join microduct tube. Note: 0TUBE ID is nominal CLEAR BODIED CONNECTORS PART    0TUBE    THRO' Double ‘O’ ring seal Single ‘O’ ring seal PART    TUBE THRO' BLACK BODIED CONNECTORS PART    0TUBE    THRO' END STOPS Single ‘O’ ring seal PART    TUBE 7 Speedfit Secure 14 Speedfit Secure REDUCERS AND ENLARGERS Reducer & Enlargers can be used in conjunction with water and gas block connectors. PART    0 STEM 0 TUBE THRO’ NO.    OD/ID mm OD/ID mm BORE mm

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Provides a simple and effective gas seal between the tube and the fibre bundle or mini cable, eliminating the need for sealing resin. The connector through bore provides uninterupted passage for blown fibre/mini cable. The Water Block range of connectors has been designed forfast installation times and reliable performance. PART    OTUBE    WATER OTUBE    WATER 0.9-1.2 0.9-1.2 0.9-1.2 1.4-1.6 to be advised available soon PART    OTUBE    WATER ‘NC2589 3/2.2 fibre lock 0.9-1.2 Water Block/Fibre Lock. TRANSPARENT BODY/ SPEEDFIT SECURE NC2657GB NC2657RB NC2657BB OTUBE    WATER ‘PEG...

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A robust connector range with integral collet locking feature. The ‘Speedfit Secure’ range of connectors have been designed to ensure fast and secure installation and reliable performance in testing conditions. ‘SPEEDFIT SECURE’ CONNECTOR ‘SPEEDFIT SECURE’ GAS BLOCK CONNECTOR Utilising John Guest push-fit technology, this range of connectors is used to join microduct tube. PART ØTUBE NO. OD/ID mm Push the tube fully into the connector, up to the tube stop. Twist the locking cover 1/4 turn clockwise to prevent accidental pipe release. (Cover aligns with profile on body) The Gas block...

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TUBE CUTTER PART    TUBE THRO’ PART NO. TSNIP Suitable for up to 12mm tube. PIPE CUTTER 12 WAY RIBBON CONNECTOR - FEMALE PART NO. JG-TS Suitable for up to 22mm tube. HEAVY DUTY PIPE CUTTER • Male and Female Ribbon Connectors attach together. PART NO. JG-HDC Suitable for up to 28mm tube. Special, use with NC2627 removal tool COLLET COVER - BLACK For use with some Blown Fibre Connectors. Please confirm compatability before purchase. Provides protection from accidental release and dirt ingress. COLLET CLIPS PART NO. PART    TUBE Secures the collet in its position to prevent an accidental...

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A quick, simple and efficient way of incorporating a push-fit connection into original equipment. The Plastic Cartridge is made up of three components, a body, an ‘O’ ring and a collet to grip the tube. When the body is inserted, stainless steel teeth grip the bore of the housing. As the system comes under pressure so more grip is applied. PART    TUBE PART    TUBE    PART    TUBE Black Acetal Collet, Black Acetal Body, Nitrile ‘O’ Ring. Black Acetal Collet, Black Acetal Body, EPDM ‘O’ Ring. Expected Assembly Effort    180N    180N    200N    220N    250N    300N (Cartridge into acetal...

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GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. GENERAL (a) These conditions and any special conditions agreed in writing between us and the purchaser shall apply to all by us and all orders and contracts for the manufacture or sale of goods accepted or carried out by us to the exclusion of any conditions in the purchaser’s order terms or otherwise imposed by the purchaser. (b) All orders are subject to our written acceptance and in particular no binding contracts shall be created by the acceptance by the purchaser of a quotation or offer made by us unless and until we shall have accepted the order in...

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John Guest International Limited John Guest USA  Inc. 180 Passaic Avenue, PO Box 11085, Fairfield, New Jersey, 07004-7085, USA T: (001) 973 808 5600 E: John Guest Limited Horton Road, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 8JL, UK. Tel: (00 44) (0) 1895 449233 E: 143 - 147 Avenue Charles Floquet, Parc Gustave Eiffel, 93593 Le Blanc-Mesnil, Cedex, France T: (00 33) (0)1 48 65 52 29 E: John Guest GmbH John Guest Czech s.r.o. Vrbenská 2290, CZ-37001 Česke Budějovice, Czech Republic T: (00 420) (387) 002 040 E: John Guest Polska Sp....

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