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The billions of John Guest fittings currently in use around the world on a wide variety of application types have gained the brand worldwide recognition as the industry leader.

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JOHN GUEST WORLDWIDE PRESENCE The company’s influence and product ranges extend across the world. Ten fully owned sales subsidiaries working globally in partnership with clients to provide lean supply and enable modern methods of manufacturer. Recognition for this global expansion has been attained by successfully winning the Queens Award for Export on three occasions. The billions of JG connectors currently in use around the world through a variety of applications & sectors, has proven to be the company’s strongest endorsement. 50 years of international design & technical competence.

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ENGINEERING & HERITAGE When Mr John Guest first opened his factory doors in 1961, he was determined to run a company where quality of product and excellence of service underpinned its ethos. A strong spirit of innovation was encouraged from the outset, which led to the development and invention of the first Speedfit push-fit fittings in the 1970s by John Guest himself. The John Guest model is increasingly rare in an age of outsourcing and diversification. Strict control over the entire engineering and manufacturing process ensures only products of the highest quality are produced. This...

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THE PUSH-FIT CONCEPT Overview With significant engineering expertise subtly hidden behind the John Guest push-fit concept, the uniqueness of each JG connector lies within its high reliability of performance, longevity of service and suitability for all sorts of industries. The billions of John Guest fittings currently in use around the world on a wide variety of application types have gained the brand worldwide recognition as the industry leader. John Guest systems are easy to assemble, need only a low insertion level but offer a high burst pressure. Speedfit ’ Technology Advantages The...

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OEM SUPPORT SERVICE By working in close partnership and consultation, other manufacturers have the ability to integrate John Guest’s Speedfit technology into their own branded products. A wide number of engineers count on John Guest to provide push-fit solutions with high performance whilst providing best overall value through a strong supply chain. Significant investment has been placed into research and development resources throughout the organisation ensuring an infrastructure focused on innovation and design excellence. By working with companies in industries as diverse as Automotive,...

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ADVANTAGES • World leading push-fit engineering expertise • Globally recognised brand representing quality and reliability World leading engineering expertise Global technical support team Globally recognised brand Global distribution subsidiaries and distributors Quality approvals recognised by international bodies Cross-pollination of ideas from one sector to another • Quality approvals recognised by all relevant international bodies • Large global technical support team • 10 global distribution subsidiaries with lean supply capability to all parts of the world • Multi industry innovation...

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The core technology within our products is adaptable for use in many different and unusual applications. Here we have highlighted a few of our varied uses. There are billions of Push-fit fittings using our technology around the world. Adaptability, longevity and high performance makes them an integral part of many innovative devices, from Hydroponic Farming Water Filtration Agricultural Equipment Fuel Cells Animal Feeding Equipment global brands to niche market sectors. Colour Paint Dispensers De-salination Technology Portable Sanitation

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PROJECT EXAMPLES - PLASTIC CARTRIDGE Colour Paint Dispenser Alfa’s Colorpaint Dispensers Technical Specifications Technical Specifications Based in Italy, Alfa is a manufacturer of colour paint dispenser technology, considered to • Suitable for hot, cold & GCH systems ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is the UK’s leading manufacturer of magnetic filters • Temperature – ambient be among the best and most innovative tinting solutions on the market. Their integrated • Working temperatures: - GCH - Malfunction up to 114C, for the maintenance and protection of central heating systems. ADEY has...

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PROJECT EXAMPLES - PLASTIC FITTINGS & TUBING De-salination technologyAcciona Agua Agricultural equipmentAltek ler paso N° 4 '£££■£•?■ £££■£? j? ££ £ f * f ? * % £££££ /££££ £££ ' * " " ' Technical Specifications • Pressure - 2 to 3 bars at room temperature • Liquid - no chemical considerations (potable water) Technical Specifications Based in Spain, Acciona Agua are a leader in the water treatment sector, specialising in the design of water purification and reverse osmosis desalination plants. The company operates more than 75 de-salination plants in the world, which...

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John Guest France S.A., 143-147 Avenue Charles Floquet, Parc Gustave Eiffel, F-93593 Le Blanc Mesnil, Cedex, France Tel: (00 33) (1) 48 65 52 29 Fax: (00 33) (1) 48 65 43 40 John Guest s.l., C/ de La Electronica No. 7, Poligono Industrial La Ferreria, Montcada I Reixac, 08110 Barcelona, Spain Tel: (0034) (93) 575 0027 Fax: (00 34) (93) 575 0178 John Guest Korea Ltd, Unit 552-27 Kajwa Dong, Seo Ku, Incheon City, 404-812 Korea Tel: (00 82) (32) 584 3370 Fax: (00 82) (32) 584 3372 John Guest Pacific Ltd, 81 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand Tel: (00 64) (9) 8281353 John...

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