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HOW SPEEDFIT WORKS Speedfit Fittings have a unique grip then seal construction made up of a collet with stainless steel teeth to grip the pipe and an ‘O’ ring to provide a permanent leak proof seal. Use of the Superseal Pipe Insert ensures a double ‘O’ ring seal. An ‘O’ ring at the head of the insert and the shape of the stem, provide a secondary seal against the bore of the fitting. A combination of this and the main ‘O’ ring ensure a good connection. The stem of the insert gives greater rigidity of the length of pipe within the fitting, reducing the chance of leaks if a side load is applied. The head of the insert has been designed for ease of insertion. The additional benefit of Twist and Lock Fittings is that a twist of a screwcap locks the pipe in position and gives increased compression on the ‘O’ ring for even greater security. Grips before it seals Stainless steel teeth grip the pipe Pipe Insert gives secondary seal Main ‘O’ Ring Seal

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MAKING A GOOD CONNECTION Fittings and pipe should be kept clean, bagged and undamaged before use. PREPARE THE PIPE Ensure the pipe is free of score marks. Cut the pipe square. When using Speedfit Barrier Pipe cut along an insertion mark. We recommend the use of JG Pipe Cutters. To prevent damage to the ‘O’ ring remove all burrs and sharp edges. When using Speedfit Pipe use a Superseal Pipe Insert or a standard Speedfit Pipe Insert. A twisting motion will aid insertion. The insert should only be used with Speedfit Pipe. TWIST AND LOCK FITTINGS The fitting should be in the ‘unlocked’...

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STANDARD FITTINGS Standard Speedfit connections are made in the same way as Twist and Lock. Push pipe up to stop Secondary Seal Pipe mark indicates full insertion Pull to check the connection is secure. It is good practice to test the system prior to leaving the site or before use. Our recommended test procedure is shown in our Technical Checklist. TO DISCONNECT Ensure the system is depressurised. The screwcap on Twist and Lock Fittings will need to be turned back to the unlocked position. For both Twist and Lock and Standard fittings, push the collet square against the face of the fitting...

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PIPE STOP DISTANCES Stops are located at the following distances from the end of COLLET COVERS AND COLLET CLIPS Use a collet cover or collet clip to provide added security against pipe disconnection, e.g. the fitting coming into contact with rigid surfaces and behind dry-lining walls. Collet covers for use with standard Speedfit fittings, are available in white or in red or blue to allow colour coding of pipes. White or grey collet clips are used with standard fittings to prevent accidental pipe disconnection. Red or Blue collet clips provide colour coding of pipe on Twist and Lock...

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