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JG Underfloor Heating range 2019 The smarter way to heat a home Whether you are building a new home, renovating existing space or adding a new extension, JG Underfloor Heating has a range of solutions suitable for any project. At JG Underfloor we like to keep it simple. We have put together this guide to help you understand our solutions. Here you will find useful information from key system components to pipe layouts, smart controls and how to request a free CAD drawing or place an order. Incorporating JG Speedfit and JG Aura technology, our underfloor heating systems are the ideal choice...

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Reasons to install JG Underfloor Heating 4 What makes us different? 6 Choosing the right system 14 Smart control on the move 20 Technical support & design 22

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JG Underfloor Heating range 2019 Reasons to install JG Underfloor Heating At JG Underfloor we make underfloor heating simple, offering high quality solutions underpinned by unrivalled technical support throughout the UK. Not only does JG Underfloor Heating create a better use of space, it is also more efficient and kinder to the environment. More comfort Like the sun, UFH uses radiant heat to warm objects and the fabric of the building to create a cosy, comfortable environment. Greater heating control Creates the perfect comfort zone with individual or multi-room temperature control -...

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Underfloor heating is cheaper to run than radiators as it uses less energy, saving money on energy bills. By only heating rooms that are in use, you will conserve energy and reduce wastage too. Reduced heating bills Designed to work with low water temperatures, JG Underfloor Heating can reduce energy consumption and heating costs by up to 20%. Renewable heat source Compatible with conventional and renewable heat sources that reduce environmental impact and cut fuel bills; including air and ground source heat pumps and solar panels. Less noise Create a relaxing and tranquil ambience with no...

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JG Underfloor Heating range 2019 What makes us different? JG Underfloor Heating is committed to developing energy efficient heating solutions. Bringing together the best and latest technologies, we provide design-lead solutions underpinned with unrivalled technical support. With you every step of the way Universal heating control We give you all the help and support you need – before, during and after installation. Whether your project is small, big or complex, we offer a free design, estimation and technical support service. With our experience, you can be assured that our experts will...

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Guaranteed to perform All of our components are manufactured under the ISO9001 Quality Management System. Our quality assurance team stringently test them at every stage of production. Whilst we are confident you will not need to use your guarantee, we do provide: on all Speedfit fittings and pipe on JG Aura heating controls and TRVs on all manifolds and control packs

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JG Underfloor Heating range 2019 With a strong brand reputation and a high quality range of underfloor heating solutions, underpinned by an extensive support network; JG Underfloor is the perfect partner for your next project. Whether you are a contractor, developer, architect or self-builder, you can be confident we have the expertise to design the most energy-efficient solution for any budget, floor construction or project. Contractors We know that a good reputation is crucial to your business. With JG Underfloor your reputation is in safe hands, as all of our products are manufactured to...

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Having worked with JG Underfloor for more than 10 years, we already knew that we were working with a proactive company. Russell Dawkins, Technical Manager, Crest Nicholson The underfloor heating solution was easy to install and support from Speedfit was first class. Richard Doyne, Owner, Richard Doyne Plumbing & Heating I wanted to create a warm and inviting space and that’s exactly what I got with JG Underfloor. Mandy Stamp, Homeowner

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JG Underfloor Heating range 2019 Underfloor heating explained JG Underfloor Heating uses mainly radiant heat, the most comfortable form of heating, giving an even distribution of warmth over the whole room. By contrast, radiators transfer energy using convection, heating the air above and around the radiator at a much higher temperature, causing the warm air to rise. This results in the floor being the coolest place in the room, with the mass of warm air at ceiling level. Underfloor heating resolves this issue by ensuring there are no more cold spots and that heat is distributed evenly...

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Underfloor heating systems monitor individual room temperatures by using intelligent thermostats to send signals to the central wiring centre. The wiring centre controls the manifold which turns the boiler on and sends heat to the room when required. The manifold is able to blend water to the temperature needed for underfloor heating, which means any heat source can be used including conventional boilers or ground/air source heat pumps. Control Pack Warm water from heat source (e.g. boiler) Zone Actuators Controls when heat is on/off Wiring Centre Performs switching of Zone Actuators....

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JG Underfloor Heating range 2019 A full list of system components can be found at JGunderfloor.co.uk or in our trade price list. No matter what type of floor or space you are working with, we have a wide range of floor solutions offering great heat distribution. All of our pipe fixing systems use ultra flexible JG Layflat pipe, and connect to the manifold using our trusted Speedfit push-fit fittings; making installation quick and easy. See the following pages for a list of options. . Actuator valves Controlled by a thermostat or programmer, Actuator valves operate to open or close an...

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JG Aura's unique 4-in-1 thermostat enables remote regulation of underfloor heating, radiators and hot water. We have a wide range of options from easy to use 230v dial thermostats, to wireless programmable devices that can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet via the JG Aura app. Manifold Manufactured to the highest standard, our manifolds are made from stainless steel and are available in a range of sizes from 2 to 12 zones. All manifolds come fitted with brackets and a vibration isolation mount. A unique feature is that pipe connections are all made with easy to use Speedfit...

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