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The 3/4 M x F inlets and outlets can beconnected together to make a theoretically endless distribution system, providing there is enough water pressure. They are joinedby means of a patented design which allows > All dimensions in mm. the installer to tighten 2 manifolds together and align them before making the final sealwith the backnut and ԑO ring.The Manifolds are ideal for installationssuch as bathrooms in blocks of flats ormulti outlet installations such as basins, > toilets or showers in commercial applications. > The control knobs have the means to be labelled ԑBasin, ґBath, ґSink, ґShower,ґToilet, ґBidet or ґWashing Machine. > A blanking plug is supplied with each manifold. size="-1">

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150, 300, 500 and 1000mm also available with Service Valve. Maximum 65C. > For use with Speedfit Barrier Pipe enhancingthe sealing security of the connection. Size15mm x 1/2Ԕ BSP > Size15mm For up to 22mm size pipe. Maximum 65CMaximum 65ںC > Size15mm Designed to be quick and easy to install. >

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