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♦ Electrical test equipment ♦ Manufacturing and process control equipment ♦ Indexing table ♦ CCTV Pan & Tilt camera mounts ♦ Robotics ,rotary sensors, urgent illumination equipment ♦ Exhibit &.display equipment. ♦ Aviation, military, instrument, medical equipment ♦ Mini-type wire-rolling machine ♦ Closed-circuit control ♦ Wind turbine generator LPC-03P LPC-03P06S Capsule Slip Ring Description This unit can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, continuous rotation while transferring power or data from a stationary to a rotating structure. The LPC-03P06S slip ring provides 3 circuits at 5 amps and 6 circuits for signal (2 amps per circuit).The LPC-03P provides 3 circuits at 10 amps. This compact power and signal handling design provides unique capability for many challenging applications. The LPC-03P serials provide smoother running, higher design precision, lower torque, lower contact resistance, and lower electrical noise than competitive slip rings. Features ♦ 3 circuits or more models ♦ 5 amps /2 amps and 10 amps /2 amps circuits combinations ♦ Speed up to 300 rpm continuous ♦ Gold-gold contacts ♦ Color-coded, silver-plated, Teflon insulated lead wires ♦ Longer lead wire available ♦ Compatible with data bus protocols ♦ Transfers analog and digital signals ♦ Sealed units are available Contact us to discuss your special needs Advantage ♦ Low torque minimizes system torque budget ♦ Compact design to fit in the most demanding space. ♦ Smooth running ♦ Low electrical noise ♦ Quick shipment per your urgent requirement ♦ 360°continuous rotation ♦ High bandwidth transfer capability ♦ Addition of special components JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd Email:

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♦ The operational life of the unit depends upon temperature, rotation speed and environment ♦ Operational life ^50,000,000 runs ref. rftaa Silver plated teflon ®7.e »i?50rirl []UNrr*oeft JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd Email: sales@slipring.cn www.slipring.cn Tel: +86 755 82042235

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