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JINPAT Aerospace Slip Ring

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JINPAT Electronics Industry And Defence Application Radar&Satellite J IN PAT Electronics Co., Ltd Address: JINPAT Hi-tech Park HuaXing Rd No 153, DaLang Street, LongHua, Shenzhen, 518109, China. Tel: +86-755-82042235 Fax: +86-755-21517849 Email: sales@slipring.cn Website: www.slipring.cn

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Industry And Defence Application Radar&Satellite Security Security is nowadays the key in a rapidly growing civilization. This affects air and naval traffic management as well as border security and remote communication. This relies mostly on highly sophisticated radar, communication and satellite systems. A slip ring enables to transmit power, signal and data for radar antennas. Signals are transmitted between fixed platforms and continuously rotating platforms through slip ring and rotary joints, It can be classified as the contact-type and the non-contact type. Besides, it can be...

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Industry And Defence Application Radar&Satellite JINPAT Electronics Radar Slip Ring Features * Modular design with power, signal, RF, optical fiber, Gas-liquid etc. • Diversified signal modules, such as Ethernet / serial / CANBUS / encoder signal etc. * FORjs up to 19 channels, single / multi or mix transmission. * RF rotary joints can be coaxial / wave guide rotary joints or mix transmission. * Wave guide rotary joints with rich frequency bands, can be 3 channels • RF coaxial rotary joints with high bandwidth, frequency from 3 GHz to 50GHz. Mechanical Property * Compact design, small size,...

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Industry And Defence Application Radar&Satellite JINPAT Electronics Weather Radar For weather radar systems, JINPAT combines fiber optic rotary joints (FORjS) typically with single- and dual-channel radio frequency rotary joints for frequency ranges in S-, C- and X-band. While in current weather radar systems a slip ring transmits data to the antenna, the JINPAT FORJ brings data rates of several Gbit/s with highest reliability to weather radar systems around the globe. FORJS with waveguides and slip ring for weather radars Rotary joints are used in radar systems for sea rescue services as...

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Industry And Defence Application Radar&Satellite JINPAT Electronics LPHF-WG03B 3 Channel Waveguide Rotary Joints Radar Cooling System Defense Solutions Radar Cooling Reduce space, weight, power and cooling demands with reliable and cost-effective fluid rotary joints for military radar cooling systems. Our purpose-built fluid rotary joints for mission-critical radar applications preserve maximum equipment service life and provide complete lifetime cost reductions. Engineered for sea, land, air and space based defense and surveillance radar systems, Features • Reduced Torque Design * Reliable...

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Industry And Defence Application Radar&Satellite JINPAT Electronics LPHF-02F HF Channel & RF Signal Slip Rings Integrated With FORJ&Waveguides Specifications Frequency Range DC power (Applied to one channel only) Temperature (Ambient Range) Adhesive Label Estimated life cycle    100-200 million revolutions

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