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BLUE ElEPHANTj Workng SIM fUXK’t 1WO>25O0»20C>tit 1 SO0»MCO«2O0mm ’ 20CCx«lCO^OOmm Iransnvssdxi fSttS it X.V rack * pinion dnve. Z Ball acre* arm Tame Structure fefiSW T-sJot vaaiun Spindle Power Twin? 9.0KW Italy HSD ATC Ar cooling wind* Toot magazine 71W Carousel type Motors A Drivers YASKAWA Servo Controller !§«*« SYNTEC _ PS. All the *orturg size and specMIcatione can Be customized according toyoi# requests. • tfssaTWPfc. *?>*&&*, anntsts. HiftECOCAM EOT-3»a71«* . • #ffl**«HSOH»iSll. K±#lRi»e. • Wth carousel tod changer, ard over 8 see of tods can Be charged aitcmalcaly in the stage of processing • With autamaec unloading platform, whch means saving labour aid promoting werkrig efficiency Perfamaoce upg'We Eoupped wish ECOCAM EOT-3 06dlaorg I rife • Wth Hdy HSO ar cooing sprite aid Its spoed cat Be ncceterafled to 240O3rpm. • Wth Taiwan SYNTEC control system. It's easy to learn a

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