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[BLUE E|EPHANT| l30ta2SO0>20Cmm X.Y Hack A Pinion Dnvor. I Dal Scmlrais ft Sffl W taDto Structure T-8k>( working taDkr TtBO^SoindePo-er »w watercoiing ?prtfto(OpMn; ■ VHSDaroodhosptnitle) IBtWa SpWde Speed ISOCftcmWOCOrpni ®X«* wortong Speed Mmimr j^T #« Ortitng System StepcrS,..* Ontla'Y aSKAWAI tS«*» Ccotroler bSpT*: siudoNKIOS PS. All me working && ard wecAcaoorv; can oe customized acootring to your lequeee . Sift»14 FuixtonS Features • £«ti&«fcai*-i*aii»*#. ««as, • MSB, WSiattelifiHlAJfc^UX WPtaa«Bffli*tt, WB'FBSi#, KRilltt. • SRfitt: »». *«». *SS». ,‘ifStt. »*«»„ • 6ja«P9a. ZM*»elW!B*PS*»B)*«.. • XZAftit: HT&AJBG. *. n. *9S, GDIS, , • Opticnal 4 a»is. Z a>ts * customized according to request o' customers • The worktable is vacuim working lade .witti very powerlu absorb r»g prrwer.can atxsor? materials c* different sizes. R is wth bg CensIly.wcoT be col o' shape.and atso bgb temperature-resrsfint. • With fast worfcog spend.high working effoency.tbc engraving spood can be up to Hmmin The engraving is precise ancogh.wifficut any Sawtooth ripple.and 'he cuttng edge is quile ctear and smooth • Furniture industry toldrig screen.wavo board Dig wall hanging advert*rig sheet.sign making. • Crafts industry: can Be used tor rrost materials Ike Artificial store.wocd.bambco.marlle.Organc board.-Coor do engraving of beaixful patterns and characters. • Apptcatons Furniture ndus'ry: Panel Fumcure. Office Furniture Wood Ooor. Cabnes. etc. • Woodworking Industry- Musical Instrument. Kochen Doors. Windows, etc • Suitable Material: Wood, Sold wood. Panel. Acrylic. Plexiglaes, MOP Plastic. Copper Aluminum elc

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