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£ MU ft Enterprise profile 'tvv> «ST*am»sfc)<*«»TjtSE.»-«««i5»smsi5. 5 p. »a w&»%. flrn—oOTaretceiLwsmaTTa!. u«s«a®a*4fT. urn »p)is/'a*i: 6wm *iatm. rs*sm. *<*mm ttmim. a* saasivi. aweissMi^roeisasm. mat s». waa«9,‘«^n**!B. #si Jinan Bftw Elephant CMC Mach«p Co .Lm *1 x:*3 4. Jinan city. 5hw-»tong province We twa always naan devcong Vj tfs rceeoR* ana manufacture of CNC engraving marTines Wo have AID Production Ueparlmont. Dually Con Ira Oetortmcnl ana Sabs 4 Soivkc OperUrwnt Our prOrV.'ta «t iaVfely used «t WOOdWOrfctog. AduertMng. Model. Ele<*is. CMVCAM Industry MoU Coring. Package pooling. Marking. Laaar Sealing ana so on We can c*tcr you tno high QjJity products wet the ccrrootova pore Oir products get sm C6 cerMio»e Ovr man products are 88 tolons: CNC Router, laser Engraving and Cutting Marine Laser Cunrrg UKlUna. Mart* CMC Router Plasma Mata I CiZang machine M> writing CNC Routor and so cn • laHiftas^e*. • T&mmmm&ti. CQftE ClCMPETENCE OF BLUE ELEPHANT • Production capacity in large scale • Innovating capacity • Providing 30 engraving technology as our core • 5?^i2DS!6Siif«»a85»v«ap««ja»« mmMti. mffMXfammwaxMsmxi AflSHJfciaa®*?. &w?. • j*ra®5taeg$'im)S£ift. aw . MIBWW0S . flSWTISAKfttDM . immwmm. • , i*ssw«»g. . ftwifi)

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