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BLUE ELEPHANT ft) BLUE E(EPHANT . S*#® TaJ\rtai Parameters .-'"A M - 4A ELE 163B~4A ELE 2040-4A T-areir.ssc»ifVin/nt X.Y rack & pmcr. drive, Z nail screw [ranumiwai T»v- Slru^ireftHtaia I-sttt Vacium laWa Spmfllo P&»Bi£«a * 4 5k*'6kW9KW Maty HSD & cootnj acttdk* Meter YASKAWA Saco Ccnlralar(?VfciS SYNFEC 4 ai)8 Control SjSlem PS. All fie rtoikmg sire arC spooftcaliora con oo cuslranjed srccrcini; » your requesls. (11515 >. • eawKAttttewstt. sw*s»u. • *»: *n. «*e. »a- *>«. a***. Miisi, • *w®: «». «*«*. &»*. atuAft- *«i< • i8*b. pcb. ciscitt. «« «*«« • sc**: os*- pvc. *»®. Aiae. oi'uaa. am. i^awesoiftaifit-'fnwHwiiwi.. • Wetted structure tr, thick (xofWd steel Assembled wCi p-eose pens • Rgtt vacuum laote »'th grids *>d T-slot marimaes the vacuum bote-down pewer artt also o tubes ycu to clitrp the wcrkpoce in place. • Impeded SYNTEC high performance control system, separated keyboard control, color LCD display • Furnilure: wooden doers, cabinets. computer tabes, seeing machine, musical instruments • Plate processing: nsulaton. Waste and chemical, live PCS. move the car body. Bowing, track, stars anti-special board. epo*y. resn. ABS. PP. PE. and other catammixtu'e • Deccrafon irdustry: acrylic. PVC. MOF. at tidal stone. Wen-glass elastic, and copper and aftimrum and other soft metal pale engraving and mfling cuttng

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