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BLUE ELEPHANT ««*»Moior driver Stepper/ SerrolYASKAWA or DELTA) SMSttConirot System NKlDS'SiTito&NcslucIo PS AJII he «ct'.rg ore end spcciiewcni; can be ootiuM accord rg Id your requests. 1325 multiple operation cnc router • Tho machine is speoaby designed fc* wtoCwtxUng inftislry. with mUbptt sprdles auto<»»anging. • Can 0© cboosen a »in<»e related 90 degree tor lock slot Al conoooents used are top quality in It© wortj. • Thicker and Digger steel Ope structure after special Irealmer*. well welded, no distortion ter whole slructure. Ngh precision and king using li

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