1325 3 axis cnc router


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I'iaUiMH* UMM Hiiih-spcrd A HI01 Precision Hoodworlong CNC Rotflfer .' . aiiltStt >iAto4 l«sm • asi*. «ss, wwa*=itt«»»2o#. wsiriaixtsaatt. ms'ps**. ternm* < 1.3-1.45g.an) . « •a < list;). • smaa**WHSDin«iei«. bxs^im. • *«: "ifirt. *. *»«. Rum. fffetti. ra rstr*. xjflsjrisk. • Your perfect beginner msSiine manual »ol Oiargng featumg Tarewn helical rack and prion drrio, Taiwan maintenance free (tear guides-It has an ewclenl performance and price rabo. kfeid for ticOby users and business wih Imf budget. • Rigid vaowm table with grids and T-sices maximizes me vacuum ItoM-down power and also enables you to clamp He wcrkpece in place. • High efficient macftre permtMng faswr produclon. cutlng speed over 20mVmln. Low VitraOcn and smooth mcOcn ensue hgher work piece »ialey • AoWsatons: Fundue ideally suitable fcr processing cabinets doit. Office Funitue wooden Oner, solid wood furniture, pare! Jumftire. windows, tabes and Oiairs. musical nstrunenlt.de. WeB-suilatte for processing Wood. Sclid wood. Pared. Acr/c pfeugiass. MDF. PtaslC Copper. Aiuninmt.etc. TrefW»88Onf50)?jrt XY lack & prion drive. Z Dali screw Trusmsscn laDM SlrocsuroftSaK) T-slot A Vacuum working tat># SpinOfe Pcwe-SlaO* 3>wl4.$kw‘BkwHSD ar pacing tpinffii SptoOle Speed lltn-a 180CC»pm2«0CO'pn MOOf (*r.arifilllStt SWpper Se<VO DMaYASKAW* CcntrOlertSWS** OSMrC sluOoMKTOS

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