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[TechincalScheme] Model: Product Advantages 1. Strong tolerance, suitable for various shapes of metal pipes; 2. Intelligent operating system, rich cutting functions; 3. Smart chuck, super strong clamping; 4. Follow-up servo support, accurate positioning; 5. Less tailings; Total power Cutting tails Y-axis travel X-axis travel Z-axis travel Floor space Cut pipe diameter Total Weight Electricity supply Maximum acceleration Chuck load Maximum feed rate X, Y axis positioning accuracy X, Y axis repeated positioning accuracy Maximum speed Control system Cooling system: laser machine dedicated thermostatically controlled chiller (external) Circuit and protection system: designed according to CE standard Software: Tubest Professional Tube Nesting Software Supported file formats: Solidworks, Pro/e, UG, etc. Technical supplements: 1. There should be no serious rust on the processed workpiece. Rust will affect the quality of the cutting section. The plates should be stored in the open air and placed neatly to reduce surface bumps. The pipes should be straight, reduce bending and twisting, and ensure that the front end is flush. Because the bending interference exceeds the relevant standards, the equipment cannot guarantee the cutting effect; 2. Pay attention to the safety of personnel and equipment when feeding pipes, and loading in bundles needs to be carried out by driving; 3. Party A must regularly maintain the machine as requ

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[TechincalScheme] Model: Autonomous technology: 1.Machine Bed: independent research and development, overall processing. Has excellent dynamic and static characteristics. Welded with high-quality raw materials. Ensure that the guide rail surface and the rack surface are processed and formed at one time to ensure accuracy. These design and processing methods ensure that the machine tool has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability, good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and high processing speed. 2. Chuck: The R&D team of Acme Laser Chuck...

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[TechincalScheme] Model: Cutting System 1.Cutting software: (1) Automatic centering during processing: Collect Z-axis information to obtain the deviation between the center of the pipe and the center of rotation of the chuck. Real-time compensation is performed on the subsequent graphics to be cut to achieve high-precision processing. (2) Cutting of special-shaped steel: It supports the cutting of standard pipes such as round pipes and square pipes, and also supports the cutting of various special-shaped steels, such as I-beam, channel steel, polygonal pipes, etc., and can be automatically...

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[TechincalScheme] Model: Installation and Training 1、Installation/Training 15 days before the delivery of the equipment, provide the customer with the installation floor plan (including the requirements for the installation of civil works, water, electricity, gas, piping, interfaces, etc.).We are responsible for equipment installation and commissioning. The customer is responsible for the civil work of the equipment installation, and the water, gas pipes, and power lines are connected to the machine tool designated by our engineer. We are responsible for the pipeline connected to the...

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