Acme Laser Cutting Machine LP-6025D-6000W


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[Techincal Scheme] Model: High and low exchange platform, fast exchange; Large screen split display, can monitor the production process in real time; All-round protective cover design, safe and environmentally friendly; High power cutting, high efficiency; Note: The pictures are for reference only, the appearance and size are subject to the actual factory equipment Monitor Rate Laser Power Parameter 15463×4356×3000mm(length x width x height) 6000W Floor Space Cutting Format Total Weight Y-axis travel Electricity Supply X-axis travel Z-axis travel X, Y axis positioning accuracy X, Y axis repeated positioning accuracy The maximum load of the working platform Maximum Acceleration Voltage/Power Maximum Feed Rate Control System Cooling system: laser machine dedicated thermostatically controlled chiller (external) Circuit and protection system: designed according to CE standard Technical supplements: 1. The workpiece to be processed should be free from serious rust. Rust will affect the quality of the cutting section. The plates should be stored in the open air and placed neatly to reduce surface bumps. The pipes should be straight, reduce bending and twisting, and ensure that the front end is flush. Because the bending interference exceeds the relevant standards, the equipment cannot guarantee the cutting effect; 2. Party A must regularly maintain the machine as requ

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[TechincalScheme] Model: Product advantages: 01 Intelligent cutting system 02 Medium power process database 03 Intelligent control system 04 Monitoring and Remote Diagnosis System 05 Automation, intelligence 06 Wide range of applications 07 Wide application 08 Strong and durable bed 01 Intelligent cutting system FSCUT2000 medium power laser cutting system: easy installation, easy debugging, excellent performance and complete solutions. 02 Medium power process database Supports five-level perforation, any combination of segment or progressive; supports starting, closing, and fine cutting...

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[TechincalScheme] Model: Cutting System 1. Cutting software: Import graphics automatically optimized When importing external files, the original image will be automatically optimized Simple and clear process settings After importing the graphics, you can quickly set the lead, micro-connection, compensation and other processes, and with the modification function in the batch, you can quickly complete the setting of the entire board process. Flexible process control bar It supports floating coordinate system and workpiece coordinate system, which can not only meet the requirements of flexible...

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[TechincalScheme] Model: Installation and Training 1、Installation/Training 15 days before the delivery of the equipment, provide the customer with the installation floor plan (including the requirements for the installation of civil works, water, electricity, gas, piping, interfaces, etc.).We are responsible for equipment installation and commissioning. The customer is responsible for the civil work of the equipment installation, and the water, gas pipes, and power lines are connected to the machine tool designated by our engineer. We are responsible for the pipeline connected to the...

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