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JIE Drive Overview - 8 Pages

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JIE Drive Overview

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Excellence From Expertise JRT GEAR UNITS & GEARMOTORS JRTR Series Helical Gearmotors Size:17-187 Ratio:3.37-289.74 Input power:0.12-250kW Output torque:2.4-55435N.m JRTF Series r Parallel Shaft-Helical Gearmotors Size:37-177 Ratio:3.77-281.71 Input power:0.12-250kW Output torque:3.5-56845N.m JRH INDUSTRY GEAR UNITS JRHH Series Parallel Shaft Gear Units Size:3-28 Ratio:1.25-450 Input power:4.3-10515kW Output torque:2300-1400000N.m JRHB Series Helical-Bevel Gear Units Size:4-28 Ratio:5-400 Input power:2.8-4908kW Output torque:5500-1400000N.m JRP PLANETARY GEAR UNITS JRP Series Planetary Gear...

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Total Drives Solutions Supplier JRTK Series Helical-Bevel Gearmotors Size:37-187 Ratio:3.98-197.37 Input power:0.12-200kW Output torque: 10-62800N.m JRHD Series Bucket Elevator Gear Units Size:5-16 Ratio:25-71 Input power:16-1305kW Output torque: 11000-173000N.m JRPH Series Planetary Gear Units Size: 08-100 Ratio: 3.4-2000 Input power:75-250kW Output torque: 8000-1 OOOOON.m JRPG Series Port Equipment Planetary Gear Units Size: 09-30 Ratio: 25-280 Input power:6.2-5970kW Output torque: 22000-1200000N.m JRPN Series Mixer Planetary Gear Units Size:11-13 Ratio:27-100 Input power:30-75kW Output...

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Standard Color/Image Color JIE is committed to supplying environmentally conscious products with strict adherence to our ISO14001:2004 certification. JIE products meet all National Environmental Protection requirements. Coatings for all JIE Gear Untis and Gearmotors consist of epoxy primer with high-performance polyurethane finish paint including four Environmental Protection Grade options. Standard Color Titanium grey JMG-01 Image Color Red sparkJMR-01 Optional Color JIE also offers an array of creative custom color solutions including: Signal White, Sky Blue, Obsidian Black, Ponceau, and...

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Total Drives Solutions Supplier Paint Coating All JIE coatings are non-hazardous and adhere to the strictest National Environmental Protection requirements. JIE coatings offer strong adhesive properties to eliminate chipping or cracking with high environmental and corrosion resistance. Standard JIE products can be applied in all indoor and medium corrosive outdoor environments. JIE also offers high-strength coatings to adapt to the most rigorous corrosive environments.

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Identification Nameplate All JIE products are supplied with stainless steel laser etched nameplates for rugged long-lasting identification.Each nameplate has the product QR code for ease in identification with sales and service information for immediate consultation.

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Total Drives Solutions Supplier Package Pattern The JIE packaging solutions are the sturdiest, most durable and unyielding solutions guaranteeing products arrive in JIE factory final inspection condition to all comers of the world. Total Drives Solutions Supplier Packaging External Appearance Single unit packages are sorted into sturdy cartons or wooden crates dependent on shipping protocol.Standard package printing content includes JIE brand information, package specification, transportation, standard warehousing icon, product information and product highlight icon.

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JIE Drive, established in 1988, focus on one gear reducer for 100 years, to create the century enterprise with craftsman spirit in the gear industry; JIE will serve the global market with the total drive solution for Gear reducer, Motor, Inverter and Transmission system, Drive systems. Control systems; JIE insists on “Specialization, Intelligence, Globalization"Global Development plan and dedicated to intelligent factory, intelligent product, intelligent service. JIE provides Excellent Product to Excellent Customers I JIE ASIAD^IVE JIE DRIVE TECHNOLOGY COHO. Add:399 QingLiu Nan Road,...

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