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JIE DRIVE JMES Intelligent Detecting System


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JIE DRIVE JMES Intelligent Detecting System - 1


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JIE DRIVE JMES Intelligent Detecting System - 2

rfnyfetH Excellence From Expertise g#*£tt8ttfTtt9ii^ft««gffi8^l srattgfTiftfcafTiMH##?. #l«¥3. aja^jattnutttsfi1 *#«*#**, A&smtittftftstfayd. The “JMES" system, by mean of monitoring the motor oil level, oil temperature, vibration, current, voltage and other parameters in real time state, will combine the collected signal with the data model of JIE accumulated in the reducer industry over the years and process the data analysis of online operation equipment and machine learning, and provide the accurate guidance on operation and maintenance plan for equipment users,high efficient vertical...

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JIE DRIVE JMES Intelligent Detecting System - 3

JMES £££j£:3l!ll£f& Intelligent Detecting System fi^l Product highlights • &#aa&ay$+gsi, ttvxf^sA, utAii*; ■ HimtiiK, *«*a**, • wwzn&mmn, aattfriroifc*, *j***ttttxr. * Equipment life cycle management, strengthen the fault management, reduce operation and maintenance costs; • Equipment remote detection centralized management, improve the working intensity, reduce labor costs; • Real-time detection fault warning device, reduce downtime, improve production efficiency; equipment data centralized analysis application, optimize equipment parameters, mprove equipment efficiency; • Multistory work...

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JIE DRIVE JMES Intelligent Detecting System - 4

Official WeBsite Official WeChat 5fem&tJT1988^, £#1004flt#-&lta*L. E'C.'fl^iS^Jll'W^lfejlko £jimb«u &a«u sax** &«xtt«ftitftfibtt9mm, JIE Drive, established in 1988, focus on one gear reducer for 100 years, to create the century enterprise with craftsman spirit in the gear industry; JIE will serve the global market with the total drive solution of Gear reducer,Motor,Inverter and Transmission system,, Drive system,Control system, etc; JIE insists on " Specialization, intelligence, globalization" global development plan and dedicates to intelligent factory,intelligent product, intelligent...

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