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JIE Drive IEC Motor,Gear Motor,Brake Motor,Explosion-Proof Motors JD SERIES - 88 Pages

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JIE Drive IEC Motor,Gear Motor,Brake Motor,Explosion-Proof Motors JD SERIES

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JIE was established in 1988 Focus on one gear reducer for 100 years To create the century enterprise with craftsman spirit in the gear industry

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ASIASRIVE JIE ASIA DRIUE fflj&tti Excellence From Expertise 1. Overview 2.Motor structure 3.Electrical parameters 4.Selection instructions 5.Mechanical features 6. Brake 7.Encoder 8.Forced cooling fan 9.Other accessories 10.Dimension of motor JIE three-phase asynchronous motor selection table

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Frequency Control JDS/JDE/JDP motor can be controlled by inverter

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fflj&tti Excellence From Expertise ASIASRIVE JIE ASIA DRIUE 1.2 Model Description J D E 90 L 4    /I EC /B3 /0°    /N /B E/TF/TH/U/RS/Z/CA//EV/STH/RI () ( no sequence ) _t&|6&Pftg£NftS Cable interface position “N” -&%tmiLwiEo° im Terminal box position at “0° " -IMB3, IMB5, IMB14^ Installation method:IMB3 IMB5 IMB14etc. tfetfUll!: IEC:S>ti,tn. Mounting positions 2, 4, 6 ^ Poles:2s 4' 6 etc. -SfcfS-KJS Core length -tflft■§■ Frame sizes Energy efficiency index S:3SM    S:level 3 -JIE Motor code -JIE code Mounting arrangement Note: Please refer to the motor size table for specific dimensions

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/m j£ ItR §§//nn. IS. $PJ Temperature sensor/temperature detection Note: If there is no special cooling requirement, JD series motor’s type of cooling is fan-cooled(IC411) AM® Other options

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fflj&tti Excellence From Expertise jiE^fieeon ASIASRIVE JIE ASIA DRIUE JD series motor terminal box and cable interface position, the motor feet installation structure doesn’t have the 90 ° position. When the user makes an order, please specify the location of motor terminal box and cable interface .

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9. tif^fiMS/Termhal box base lO-SifT/Screw 11. j£±tkH$/Ground card IZgm/Washer laSR&flot 14.^SJStl&Gasket 25. JxL^/Fan cowl    32. ftd^/Rotor

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ffly&tti Excellence From Expertise JIE^IMonASiAiniVE JIE ASIA DRIVE 3. e&n#i& Electrical parameters JDS    ( GB18613-2012) / n=3000rpm-S1 JDS series, level 3 energy efficiency ( GB18613-2012 ) /n=3000rpm-S1 JDE series, level 2 energy efficiency ^2 /Table 2

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fflj&tti Excellence From Expertise JIETEfiSenJ]ASIASRIVE JIE ASIA DRIUE §!•§■ Type

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ffly&tti Excellence From Expertise jiE^fieeonASIASRIVE JIE ASIA DRIUE £#1 n-% Type

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JD ftSbfll Motors 4. mmm selection instructions 4.1 Standards and Regulations I EC 60034-1 EN 60034-1 Execution standard jj|^%^^0X^tg/Rotating motor quota and performance I EC 60034-2-1 EN 60034-1 Standard Method for Determining Rotor Motor Loss and Efficiency by Rotating Motor I EC 60034-9 EN 60034-9 PM/Rotating motor noise limits IEC60034-14 E N60034-14 H^%#lH^^)&/Rotating motor vibration standard I EC 60034-30 , IE2V I E3#i£/Rotary motor efficiency pole I El v IE2X IE3 EN60529* IEC60034-5s EN60034-5 IDegree of IP protection Rated data —ffl##%^^(ft^^Mli/Three-phase asynchronous motor...

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fflj&tti Excellence From Expertise JIETEfiSenJ] ASIASRIVE JIE ASIA DRIUE According the IEC60034(EN60034) with the rated voltage(or range of rated voltage), the deviation of motor's performance is as: Bl'HEHo J5j£ “0” The bounds of allowable deviation characterized in the Deviations A zones and B zones are the bounds when frequencies and voltages are allowed to deviate from their respective fixed points, please refer to the following figure. The origin "0" is regarded as the respective fixed point of frequency and voltage -fllltBiE H In the range of deviation A, the motor must output rated...

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4.2 HE Electrical Performance Apply to converter jq series AC (brake) motors adapt high performance winding as standard configuration for the fed control. frequency conversion control. »»K3Rjie^h]o According to the requirement, JIE motors are designed for 50HZ or 60HZ. 50HZ is the standard design. In the motor parameter table , some special JDS and JDE motor can work on the 50HZ and 60HZ. One type motor can be used universally in the area with different electricity regulation. The different countries’ different minimum efficiency grade regulations can be realized with an ideal method. About...

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fflj&tti Excellence From Expertise jiE^fieeon ASIASRIVE JIE ASIA DRIUE When the fan work on the wide voltage, the voltage fluctuates within ± 5% (220-240v/380-420Y,50HZ). The airflow is not lower than 5% of the data in the table, and the test follow GB1236. The IP grade of fan is IP54 The insulation grade is F, the winding temperature can’t rise over 80K (electric-resistivity method) The coil of fan motor will not be broke down withstanding 1 minute breakdown test to the ground, the test frequency is 50HZ, the actual waveform is sine wave, and the voltage effective value is 1000 2UN...

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Power Reduction ^40 The rated power of the motor P depends on the ambient temperature and installation elevation. The normal rated power on the nameplate is measured with condition below 1000m above sea level and the temperature less than 40 degrees. If the ambient temperature is higher or the installation elevation is higher, the motor rated power will be reduced accordingly. PNred = PNXfTXfH AC motor    The f0||0wjng table shows the power regulation variation caused by changes in ambient temperature and altitude. Tables for AC motors are listed in the coefficients and the definition of...

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fflj&tti Excellence From Expertise JIETEfiSenJ] ASIASRIVE JIE ASIA DRIUE Duty cycle    Annotations XffiS^TSIs S2#lS3IfE®| The following figures show the duty cycles of SI, S2 and S3. palttwralo It is ratio of cyclic duration factor and working cycle time .The duty cycle time is the run time plus the no-coltuge intermittent time.Typical working cycle time is ten mimutes. isfiWBL&flHtl +t2+t3) CDF= Sum of the operation hours # 100[%] IftJlWttla] (T)    ° working cycle time

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