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UNION LOGISTICS SYSTEM UNION LOGISTICS SYSTEM Maximum density storage solution possible for every type of pallet rack reduces the construction costs, lead times and building footprint. Rack supported building concept is obviously the optimum solution to store at a large heights making the most of the available surface. With the warehouse management system and total automation, total safety is assured for the operators as there is no human interference required within the fenced warehouse functions. Storage Automatic Equipments ■ UNION Radio shuttle system is a racking system with high density storage including racking system and radio shuttle vehicle, which works with forklifts. The high efficient storage solution provides a new option to maximum the utilization of warehouse volume. RADIO SHUTTLE SYSTEM UNION LOGISTICS SYSTEM / 0 19

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Union radio-controlled transfer car - 2

UNION LOGISTICS SYSTEM UNION LOGISTICS SYSTEM Shuttle carrier and shuttle pallet runner A compact storage system in which a shuttle driven by an electric motor runs on rails inside the storage channels, replacing forklifts, considerably reducing operating times and enabling items to be grouped by channels rather than complete lanes. Save space Increased number of pallets in depth: storage channels can exceed 40 m in height; the limit is imposed by the handling means used. Save time Loading and unloading times are reduced, since the operator does not need to work inside the lanes. Movement...

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