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Electrical connectors and shore connection systems Shore connection socket box Shore connection socket box Electrical connectors and shore connection systems Shore connection socket box Comprehensive standards High protection grade Good safety performance Excellent customized service Good compatibility Applicable to IEC/ISO/IEEE/JTS/JTT and other international and domestic shore industry standards, equipped with optical fiber communication standards and standard ST interfaces. Plugs and sockets no less than IP66, socket box no less than IP55. Equipped with power interlock, emergency stop button, heating dehumidification, lightning protection device, etc. Customize high/low voltage high-quality shore connection systems and power plugs/sockets of wide range capacity according to different projects and different customers' requirements. Shore plugs/sockets are able to connect other brands' products which meet IEC standards. Product overview of socket boxDescription of low voltage series product: Introduction of shore connection socket box Box material: made of 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel; box thickness is no less than 4mm. Special box material can be customized. Box size: can be customized according to customer requirements. Number of sockets: 1 -4 sockets are available in one socket box to meet the customer's customization needs. Box style: vertical type and horizontal type are the main type, special style (such as pit horizontal) shore connection box can be customized. Rated voltage Electrical connectors and shore connection systems O */i ■o c CT h .2 _Q -E v) Type example Description of high voltage series product Rated voltage

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Shore Connection System - 2

Electrical connectors and shore connection systems Typical cases Industry Applications - Shore connection cases in ports and ships Electrical connectors and shore connection systems Typical case of low voltage vertical shore connection box ♦ Technical Parameters o IA ■D e ro O) Typical case of highvoltage horizontal shore connection box♦ Technical Parameters Jianlong actively responded to the Chinese development plan, combining with the trends of shore technology application and technology development, relying on 26 years electrical R&D and production experience, focusing on Chinese...

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