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The high-quality self-developed JLBOX Series - enclosure, window enclosure, etc has obtained the "the utility mo- del patent certificate" , which was issued by State Intel- lectual Property Office. JLBOX are made of imported ABS, PC materials. This kind of product can meet the require- ments for outdoor, indoor or dust prevention, water pro- ofing, anti-corrosion and other special occasions. JLBOX are the first to achieve the protection grade of IP67 and pass the detection by national authoritative department After many years of development, Jiangsu Jianlong Elec- trical Co., Ltd has bought advanced, high-quality stamping equipments, with the spirit of "never-ending technolog- ical innovation" and based on the foundation of traditional mold. At the same time, Jiangsu Jianlong Electrical Co., Ltd is able to design and make high precision progressive die and fine composite mold. Jiangsu Jianlong Electrical Co., Ltd pays a lot of attention to quality and innovation all the time, each product represents the first-class quality and excellent service. We sincerely in the hope that we could bring new value and more surprises to all customers!

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