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Model Description/Voltage Standards Industrial Plug and Socket COIHJOTEC Model Description I EC 60309 "clock" chart U16-125-A IU50-690V According to the CEE/IEC standards, only electrical products with same pole, voltage, frequency and rated current can be connected. The position of the earth electrode relative to the clock position of main female pin according to the the block chart changes when voltage and frequency change with the main female pin is always on the 6 o'clock position. In addition, color code is also used to distinguish voltage and frequency while size is used to distinguish rated current. CEE/IEC standards also regulate that the gap between pins should be different. The earth pin should be thicker than the other pins in plugs or sockets with different number of pins. Everything is based on the consideration of increasing safety. Voltage standards (Color code, according to IEC60309-1, -2 and GB/T11919-2001,11918-2001 standards) 2P + Earth Electrical plastic enclosures    Electrical connectors and oshore connection systems I CONNOTEC* I I COMOTEC® I 09

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Industrial Plug and Socket Model parameters Model parameters Model parameters of industrial plugs and socketsParameter table of movable vertical plugs Model parameters of industrial plugs and sockets Parameter table of visible inclined plug Voltage di™reeter Color A B C Parameter table of concealed vertical plug 200-250 Parameter table of concealed vertical sockets Model Voltage di™r|ter Color c Cl D D2 E El H Parameter table of movable vertical sockets 41 Blue Red Blue Red Blue Red Blue Red Blue Red Parameter table of concealed inclined sockets 87 Electrical plastic enclosures...

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