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MultiCenter - 1

Multifunctional horizontal machining center WEISSER A HARDINGE COMPANY

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MultiCenter - 2

As flexible as your manufacturing tasks 360° turning solutions from WEISSER Just as chameleons can adapt to their environment, WEISSER‘s precision turning machines and multifunctional turning centers adapt to the customers workpieces in the best possible way. In addition, WEISSER keeps an eye on the complete manufacturing process and offers the most economical solution for all requirements with its TURNKEY solutions.

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MultiCenter - 3

Versatile machining possibilities for precision and flexibility The MultiCenter presents itself as multifunctional machining center with different options. Beside the option as pure turning machine it can also be configured as turning-milling center. Due to its remarkable flexibility the MultiCenter is used in different industrial sectors. Amongst others in precision technology, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical engineering and many other industrial sectors. The basic machine of the MultiCenter impresses with a horizontal spindle arrangement and a compact design. The machine column...

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MultiCenter - 4

The MultiCenter-machine is characterized by outstanding quality and generates surfaces of highest excellence. It guarantees maximum precision and process reliability. In addition it disposes of excellent vibration damping and extraordinary flexibility to meet the requirements of sophisticated tasks. The option of the integrated loading-and unloading handling function in the MultiCenter enables the approaching of both spindle noses by means of NC-axes. Workpieces can be picked-up from the main spindle as well as from the counter spindle by means of individual grippers. Conceptual advantages...

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MultiCenter - 5

Design MultiCenter *using the example of a machine of a type MTS 1200/8

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MultiCenter - 6

Main spindle Counter spindle Tilting milling spindle 12.000 / 20.000 min-1 B-axis ± 120° (HSKT-T63) Y-axis +130 / -80 mm Tool carrier with 12-position turret tools BMT 65 / VDI 40 with tool drive 6.000 / 12.000 min-1 Tool magazine Chain magazine with 47 or 102 tools

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MultiCenter - 7

Available with tool capacities of either 47 or 102 tools Main spindle optionally available with A6- or A8-flange. Customizable turret equipment You can choose optionally between tool direct drive rotational turning function or steadyrest for the

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MultiCenter - 8

, Flexible options '■ You can choose between LMD-head, turret or ' milling spindle. Counter spindle Decide on a counter spindle with A6- or A8-flange or a NC-tailstock with MIK5.

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MultiCenter - 9

Technical highlights Optional: Integrated loading-and unloading handling for main-& counter spindle The MultiCenter disposes of an integrated loading-and unloading handling with a NC-axis for precise approach of both spindle noses. Workpieces are picked-up from main-and counter spindle by means of grippers. The pickup is carried out outside the machine tool right side. This enables a smooth process. Two guide rails in combination with four carriages provide for stability. The modular design allows various gripper configurations to customize requirements. There are different gripper options...

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MultiCenter - 11

Automation solutions Optimum bar loading by minimum distance between main spindle and machine guard. Robot cells Efficient loading of offcuts by use of pallets or magazines.

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MultiCenter - 12

Gantry loading Optimally suitable for the seamless interlinking with other machines. Internal loading- / unloading handling Different deposit-resp. pick-up possibilities as prism chain conveyor or drawer possible. Chip conveyor Customizable chip discharge to the right or left to adapt optimally to the automation solutions or local conditions.

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MultiCenter - 13

Management systems WEISSER energy management: Efficiency for sustainable use of resources The WEISSER energy management offers different opportunities for energy saving: • At the braking of the spindle drives and NC-axis- drives the surplus energy is fed back into the supply circuit whereby an effective energy recovery is achieved. • The hydraulic motor is switched off automatically 30 min. after inactivity, if there is no program running and no manual operation is carried out. • The sealing air for scales and spindles is switched off after 20 min by a delayed valve to optimize the air...

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MultiCenter - 14

WEISSER temperature management: Efficient heat reduction At WEISSER-machines additional equipment for the targeted reduction of the heat development is impemented: • An intelligent cooling water temperature control supports the thermal stabilization of the machine mechanics. • At the control panel there are different fluid-and component temperature profiles visualized. • A machine roof which is completely closed minimizes the influence of short-term temperature fluctuations. • The temperature control of the machine increases the thermal stability of the machine. By the WEISSER temperature...

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MultiCenter - 15

Rotational turning Gear cutting (hobbing) With the rotation turning process developed and patented by WEISSER, precisely machined surfaces can be generated with twist-free finishing precision and thus replace the expensive grinding operations. The simultaneous rotation of workpiece and tool cutting edge reduces the machining time by up to 77 % compared with hard turning. Integration of a hobbing module, being the only method to manufacture internal and external gearings with different helix angles and directions in a single machining center. This manufacturing process combines hobbing and...

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MultiCenter - 16

WEISSER machining centers with integrated technology concepts are the solution to demands for shorter process times, productivity and process safety. Shorter cycle times and the associated lower unit costs are decisive competitive factors, especially when manufacturing high quantities. WEISSER turnkey solutions not only score at high quantities but also at small quantities with high set-up flexibility. We pass this competitive advantage on to our customers. With the experience of more than 160 years of development, construction and realization of customized machines, our engineers develop...

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