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We Put It All Together… In Seconds. Maximize productivity levels and dramatically increase throughput with Ball Lock™. Looking to realize the full benefits of lean manufacturing? Then you need the one system that puts it all together, so you can put it all together…and that’s Ball Lock™. Ball Lock™ is the industry’s most popular quick-change, fixturingflexible mounting system that can be configured to create leanoptimized solutions for your most demanding needs. The Ball Lock™ Mounting System is used as a Quick Change Solution on the following: • CNC Machines • Palletized Fixtures • Stamping • Fabricating • Injection Molding • Packaging Machines • Assembly Machines • EDM • R

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Lean Manufacturing and Set Up Reduction Applications Accurately Locate and Lock Fixture Plates to Subplates in Seconds… With No Indicating Required. Machining Cast Part Previous Set Up Method: Located part with dowel pins, bolted part to tombstone fixture. Indicated part to zero datum point. Previous Set-Up Time: 15 minutes Set Up Using Ball Lock System: Mount parts to fixture plate while machining other parts. Mount fixture plate to tombstone using Ball Lock shanks. No indicating required because system provides +0.0005 (±0.013mm)repeatability. Set Up Time With Ball Lock System: 60 seconds...

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The Ball Lock™ System accurately positions your fixtureplate with a repeatability of ±0.0005" (±0.013mm) or better, minimizing the need to indicate your fixture. The Ball Lock System securely holds fixture plates to subplates with up to 20,000 lbs. (9000 kg) of hold-down force per shank. The Ball Lock Mounting System is designed to speed the accurate locating and locking of fixture plates to subplates. The system consists of three parts: a Locating Shank, a Liner Bushing, and a Receiver Bushing. Using the Ball Lock Mounting System is a simple process: Install a subplate with receiver...

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Ball Lock Shank Liner Bushing Ball Lock Shank Liner Bushing Fixture Plate Fixture Plate Socket Head Cap Screws (3) Machine Table or Subplate Face Mount Bushing Mounting Method With Face Mount Bushing Drilled Hole Counter-Bored Hole Back Mount Bushing Mounting Method With Back Mount Bushing locating points. If more than two flanged shanks are required to provide additional hold- down force, omit liner bushings in the additional holes in the fixture plate and allow 0.030" (0.76mm) over the nominal size. The additional clearance will insure that these holes have no influence on the locating...

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