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I n c r e a s e Yo u r M ac h i n i n g U p t i m e a n d P ro d u c t i v i t y Quick- change pallets, top tooling fix turing and mounting systems 15700 S. Waterloo Road. Cleveland, OH 44110-3898 877.426.2504 |

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Solving Industry’s Workholding Challenges Jergens families of workholding products focus on getting the most productivity from your machines, especially given today’s demands for short lead times, small batch sizes and frequent setup changes. Accuracy and repeatability are within tenths, but it’s Jergens’ ability to offer industry’s fastest changeover that makes them truly unique. Setup times can be reduced by as much as 90% through a combination of fixture plates, sub plates and tooling columns. Jergens efficiency provides: ██ Increased spindle uptime Speed implementation of lean...

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Industries From Around Town and Around the Globe Jergens’ approach to solving unique challenges, both at the customer and OEM level, is based on an in-depth knowledge of the processes that drive manufacturing. Jergens products are prevalent throughout industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, medical equipment and orthopedics, and machining and metalworking. At the end of the day, they all have a common purpose of working lean, maximizing resources and increasing profitability. With more than 60 years of field experience, Jergens provides technical assistance and problem-solving...

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Pallet Changers Universal Pallet Changers – Drop it, Lock it and Go! Jergens Drop & Lock™ pallet changers are the industry’s leading quick change pallet system. The Jergens Drop & Lock™ is an integral part of the Fixture-Pro® line of 5-Axis and Multi-Axis tooling. Features: ██ Quick Set-Up Rapid Part Changeover Accurate & Repeatable Well-Suited for Custom Fixtures and Direct to Part Mounting Allow Parts to Remain in Original Clamping Through Multiple Operations Useful in Non-Cutting Operations i.e. CMM – First Article Inspection Machinable Blank Dovetail Vise

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Quick Change Fixturing Complete Modular Workholding Multi-Axis machining presents the challenge of how to access the part while avoiding obstructions. Jergens’ Fixture-Pro® unique modular system offers a variety of solutions to get your part off the table and allow for greater access. Features: ██ Flexible Multi-Axis Workholding, works on all applications 5-Axis, 3+2, 4+1 Modular components include sub plates, risers, adapters and top tooling Rigid, modular design, from light machining to heavy roughing Rapid set up and part exchanges, reduced setup time, saves money and keeps spindle...

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Modular Pallet Systems Harness the Power of “Zero” Quickly and accurately locate and clamp vises or fixtures... and with retention studs attached to your part, direct mount your component for machining or welding without interference from jaws or clamps. That’s the beauty of what Jergens ZPS, Zero Point System, can deliver. Features: ██ Position & Clamp in One Operation Flexible Design Options Solutions for Small and Large Parts Available in Pneumatic & Hydraulic Modules Reduce Set Up Time up to 90% or More Clamping Plates Low Pressure ZPS ZPS Vise Column

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Flexible Mounting Systems BALL LOCK M O U NTIN G SYS TEM The Original Quick Change. Ball Lock® is the industry’s most popular quick-change, fixturing-flexible mounting system that can be configured to create lean-optimized solutions for your most demanding needs. Features: ██ Incredibly FAST setups and changeover Powerfully strong holding forces Combines locking and locating in the same motion Eliminates the need for indicating on CNC machines Save time and expense in specifying, ordering and installation Components designed to work together for maximum cost and time savings Machine tool...

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CNC Machine Vises and Vise Columns Jergens’ Production Vises offer multiple part holding for Vertical Machining Centers and Horizontal Machining Centers. Features: ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ Multiple mounting systems Fastest quick-change jaw system Full-jaw travel Hardened and ground stainless steel rails support jaws and resist wear Fully sealed lead screw assembly Supplied with machinable soft jaws Available with hard jaws Vertical Machine Solutions Ball Lock® Base Production Vise Columns Narrow Base Production Vises Universal Base Production Vises Interlocking Base Production Vises Self...

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Multi-Axis Clamping Jergens offers numerous vises for Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers and 5-Axis Machining. Jergens vises are an integral part of the Quick Change Systems that provide maximum productivity and flexibility. ██ Flexible Multi-Axis Workholding Works on all applications 5 Axis, 3+2, 4+1 Rigid, modular design From light machining to heavy roughing Rapid set up and part exchanges Reduced setup time saves money and keeps spindle running Portability from machine to machine Easily transfer work to new machines or as demand dictates 125mm low profile,...

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Clamp Low with Power & Control Jergens offers Micro™ Clamp’s Ok-Vise low profile clamping products for your unique applications. Our product lines are ready to interface with all modern machining systems, from vertical and horizontal to 5-Axis, allowing efficient machining for any workpiece. Features: ■ More efficient usage of machinable area ■ Reduction in the number of tool changes ■ Extended cycle times ■ Free tool access to workpiece ■ Less space required compared to traditional vises ■ Overall time savings WORKHOLDING CLAMPS AND ACCESSORIES Jergens OK-Vise workholding clamps and...

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Commitment To Quality Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified and we maintain strict control of our processes from start to finish. This kind of control makes it possible for us to meet tight deadlines, control costs and guarantee quality. Workholding Design & Engineering Workholding / QuickChange Design To further customers’ pursuits of productivity and efficiency, Jergens is staffed with workholding application engineers to provide application design assistance. Workholding systems are combined using standard, and sometimes custom tooling, to provide...

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