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Vertical Machine Solutions Narrow Base Production Vises Pages 2.9; 2.11 Ball Lock™ Base Production Vises Pages 2.8; 2.10 The small footprint allows maximum density of vises on your fixture or table. Best choice for applications where parts are held in multiple vises. The mounting flange is cut into a jigsaw pattern to allow vises to nest closely together. Designed for use with Jergens Ball Lock™ Mounting System. Universal Base Production Vises Pages 2.9; 2.11 The mounting flange has slotted holes to allow mounting on any machine table. Self Centering Vises (3 Base Styles) Pages 2.12-2.15 Self-Centering vises provide quick, simple fixturing for concentric machining of different sized workpieces. Indexer Systems Page 2.17 Hydraulic Vise Pages 2.24-2.26 Indexer solutions can be customized to your requirements. Choose either three or four sided columns. Innovative compact design. Reduced set-up time. Internal Slide Assembly with Hydraulic Clamping Cylinder.

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