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T-Slot Bolts Precision Machined Precise angles for greater engagement. Longer life means more value! Forged Complete Cheap t-slot bolts are a bargain only once! once. JERGENS T-SLOT BOLTS COMPETITORS’ T-SLOT BOLTS Precision machined for maximum T-slot engagement. This reduces wear on the T-slot rails as well as on the T-slot bolt itself. Many manufacturers make a completely forged product with non-precise edges. This creates wear on both the bolt and the T-slot rails. Manufactured from high grade alloy steel, then heat treated to 150,000 psi tensile strength, which contributes to longer part life. Many competitors use lower-grade material and may not heat treat their bolts. Jergens maintains a large inventory of bolt blanks, making custom orders possible and allowing quick delivery. As product is either imported or forged complete, custom orders are limited, impossible, or require substantial lead times. The Standard Components with the Highest Standards

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