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Swing Cylinders OURS V-grooves and Ball-bearing Engagement Internal piston is driven by a ball bearing that rolls in a rounded track on only two points. Less surface contact leads to more wear and reduced product life. Squared Tracks and Pin Engagement Internal piston is driven by a pin designed for close tolerance with squared track. Larger load-bearing surface results in a more durable assembly. JERGENS CLAMPING SWING CYLINDERS OTHER CLAMPING SWING CYLINDERS Precision machined for close tolerance between piston groove and pin. Better fit results in smoother motion and a more durable swing cylinder assembly. Less surface area between bearing and track combined with severe conditions within the clamp body result in deforming of the bearing and assembly breakdown. Free-floating pin design matches the shape of the groove. More contact area and less wear “keeps the pin in the pocket.” Ball bearings can “pop out” of the track—a common failure of traditional swing clamps—causing the piston to seize. Heavy-duty, low-friction rod seal features “double-lip” sealing— virtually leak-free even under severe operating conditions. Plus, lubricant is retained in the cavity formed by secondary lip— increases performance and quiets operation. Seals may be more prone to wear and “dry run.” Failure of traditional seals is the primary failure of swing cylinder clamps. High-pressure, low-friction, bi-directional piston seal is easier to turn and reduces leaks. Breakdown of traditional seals is the primary failure of swing cylinder clamps. Galled seals cause contaminants, accelerating breakdown and increasing downtime. The Standard Components with the Highest Standards ™ 15700 S. Waterloo Road • Cleveland, OH 44110 • 800.53

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Jergens Introduces Improved Hydraulic Swing Cylinder Clamp The hydraulic swing cylinder features a compact design. The swing clamp’s new and improved internal piston design extends piston life and enables smoother operation. Rod and piston seals are state-of-the-art, providing virtually leak-free sealing, reducing contaminants—the industry’s best solution for side-load wear. Other features: Bearing PISTON AREA PISTON AREA The new hydraulically activated clamps are available in either single- or double-acting versions. Single Point Contact Large clamping travel zones in three sizes: 0.31"...

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