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The Set Screw Limitation Two-piece body design is a common cause of hard-to-remove plungers and lost springs. Solid Drive™ Design Plunger body is made of one integral piece, eliminating the need for a set screw. JERGENS SPRING PLUNGERS VS. OTHER MANUFACTURERS’ SPRING PLUNGERS Solid Drive™ Design allows the entire plunger to Set screw, instead of the plunger, can back out during move, preventing lost parts and improving removal, leaving the plunger body in the tapped hole. plunger adjustments. Engineered with a smooth continuous radius tip Two-step, turn-and-grind manufacturing leaves ridges to improve the point of contact. on tips that can gouge finished parts. Solid tool steel, hardened throughout. Mild steel is merely case hardened. Close tolerance between tip and body provides better Sloppy alignment restricts tip movement and will fit between parts for smoother motion and precise fit. allow dirt to enter and shorten the life of the plunger. The Standard Components with the Highest Standards™ 15700 Waterloo Road • Cleveland, OH 44110 • 800.537.4367 • www.jergensinc.com

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