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Fasten, Strengthen and Secure Jergens is a world leader in innovative fastening technology for a wide range of applications. Our user-friendly products are designed with unique, problem-solving features that increase efficiency and effectiveness. With thousands of standard products available, and the ability to modify standards and manufacture custom specials, Jergens can meet your requirements while bringing simple solutions to complex applications. No quantity minimums for standard products. Impressive inventory for immediate delivery. Quick turnaround of modified standards. Download CAD,...

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Kwik-Lok™ Pins provide quick, easy positive engagement and high holding strength for applications requiring frequent, repetitive use. If you need safety, speed and dependability, then you need Jergens Kwik-Lok™ Pins. Over 6,000 standard items in stock and quick turnaround on special grip length, handles, materials and ball configurations. Find the right one for your application! Visit www.jergensinc.com/pins.aspx to use our Kwik-Lok™ Pins Online Selector! Spring & Ball Plungers Our unique Solid Drive™ design allows the entire plunger to move, eliminating the need for set screws that often...

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Pull Dowel Pins, Leveling Mounts, Rod Ends, Yoke Ends & Miscellaneous Fasteners Jergens offers a wide variety of easy-to-use specialty hardware solutions. Handles, Knobs & Hand Wheels Jergens Specialty Fasteners maintains a large inventory of several varieties of knobs, handles, hand wheels and cranks. Whether you’re looking for prototype or production quantities, we can help! Toggle Clamps Jergens toggle clamps are a top quality alternative to more expensive brands. We maintain a large inventory and are happy to help identify the right product for your application! Standards, Modified...

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MANUFACTURING EFFICIENCY We got our start back in 1942, manufacturing tooling components to help American manufacturers operate quickly and more efficiently. "The Standard Components with the Highest Standards:" This founding philosophy put Jergens on the forefront of the "lean manufacturing" movement before anyone even thought to put those two words together. In the years since, Jergens has structured its offering to advance the cause of leaner manufacturing, adding products and engineered solutions for an integrated approach to "Manufacturing Efficiency." You can find Jergens products...

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MANUFACTURING EFFICIENCY © WORLD HEADQUARTERS 15700 S. Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44110-3898 ^ 800.537.4367 S 216.481.6193 S3 info@jergensinc.com CDJ www.jergensinc.com ALSO AVAILABLE: Specialty Fasteners Solutions Catalog Request a copy or download at www.jergensinc.com

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