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MANUFACTURING EFFICIENCY LIFTING SOLUTIONS The rugged RFID tag is engineered for service even in the most demanding environments. Lift ID™ is available with al Jergens lifting products, including Kwik-Lok™ Lifting Pins. S Compatible with N4 Systems' FieldID Inspection and Safety Compliance Suite interface standard Lift ID™ Automated Inspection and Compliance System Exclusively from Jergens, Lift ID™ combines the power of RFID, the ease of mobile computers and the convenience of the Internet to automate the entire tracking and reporting process.This two part system combines rugged hardware and powerful software to simplify your workplace safety compliance program. The embedded RFID tags on Jergens'lifting products provide a quick and efficient way to identify and track equipment in the field. The RFID tag is scanned and Lift ID™ Software accesses our secure website to track the manufacturing and test data for that particular hoist ring. Safety testing, repair histories, inspection certificates and more are immediately accessible from anywhere using web-based administration. Lift ID™ is available with all Jergens lifting products. Simply add an"F"to the end of the part number when Forged Center Pull" Center Pull Side Pull (Traditional)" Side Swivel" Swivel Eyebolt" ^^^^^^ AUTOMATED INSPECTION AND COMPLIANCE SYSTEM WORK HOLDING SOLUTIONS TOOLING COMPONENTS ! SPECIALTY FASTENERS I LIFTING SOLUTIONS MANUFACTURING EFFICIENCY

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LIFTING SOLUTIONS Customer with Jergens Lifting Products ^^^^^^^ AUTOMATED INSPECTION AND COMPLIANCE SYSTEM The Best Hardware/Software System for Automated Inspection and Compliance When you choose Jergens, you already get the highest quality lifting products. Now, we've teamed with N4 Systems, the world's leading provider of automated inspection and safety compliance management software, to bring you Lift ID™. Available exclusively from Jergens, this system dramatically improves the efficiency of your lifting hardware inspections. Eliminates handwritten paperwork RFID Scar Increases...

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