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INSTALLATION MANUALJergens ZERO POINT SYSTEM (ZPS) Installation of K5 clamping module Hydraulic and pneumatic Jergens Workholding Solutions 877.426.2504 1 | Page

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INSTALLATION MANUAL ZPS-K5 CLAMPING MODULE GENERAL NOTES The present installation manual will assist you in becoming familiar with your new product. For that reason we recommend that you read the documentation and carefully follow all instructions. For additional information we request that you contact Jergens Workholding Solutions Group at 877426-2504 THIS MANUAL Please consider this installation manual an important component of the delivered system. It should be well taken care of during the entire time the system is in use. A copy of the present installation manual must be made available...

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INSTALLATION MANUAL ZPS-K5 CLAMPING MODULE 0. Introduction CAUTION: The original configuration of this system may not be modified under any conditions. The use of this system for purposes other than those which the manufacturer intended can cause harm to the system or to the operator himself. Advance permission from the manufacturer must be obtained before machining materials other than those described in these instructions. Symbols used Machining processes that represent a risk, or can cause injuries or harm to health if they are not properly performed. Machining processes that may only be...

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INSTALLATION MANUAL ZPS-K5 CLAMPING MODULE General safety instructions The following regulations and recommendations correspond to the applicable legal regulations and are largely based on the observance of such safety regulations. JERGENS INC. is not liable for any harm to persons or property that can be traced back to disregarding the applicable safety regulations and/or the instructions contained in the present handbook. The respective most recent version of the installation manual is applicable. All affected operators are therefore urged to follow and apply the instructions below and to...

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Workholding Solutions 0.7 Type plates A label or the type plate of the manufacturer is affixed to the Zero Point System. A CAUTION: ““ Labels must not be removed under any conditions, even if the equipment is to be resold. Should the label be damaged or become detached, please contact JERGENS INC. to obtain a copy. In all communications with JERGENS INC. please always mention the model stamped on the label. Disregarding these provisions releases JERGENS INC. from any liability for damage or accidents caused thereby. In this case, the operating company is solely liable to the authorities. 1....

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A/orkholding Solutions Technical data sheet - Pneumatic version: A CAUTION: It must be assured, by means of a pressure regulation valve for example, that the maximum operating pressure is not exceeded. The safety factor is not contained in the specification of the operating pressure. It must be further taken into account individually, depending on the application case. The lateral force refers to zero point and slit nipple. The undersized nipple must not be taken into account for the lateral forces. 2.1 Structure of the Zero Point System (ZPS) Hydraulic version Jergens Workholding Solutions

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INSTALLATION MANUAL ZPS-K5 CLAMPING MODULE Pneumatic version 2. Outside thread on cover 3. Threaded stud (only for hydraulic version) 4. Assembly tools preinstalled 2.2 Circuit diagram of the Zero Point System (ZPS) Description of the required connections: Hydraulic version Pneumatic version 1 = Open pneumatically 2 = Retension pneumatically 2.3 Operation of the Zero Point System (ZPS) Vent: After installation of the hydraulic ZPS modules in a base, the entire system must be vented. Hydraulic version Openina procedure: Pressurize ZPS. The ZPS will release the pull stud, enabling it to be...

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INSTALLATION MANUAL ZPS-K5 CLAMPING MODULE Clamping procedure: Depressurize ZPS. The ZPS locks positively and is mechanically clamped by spring force. The ZPS will remain closed as long as no pressure is applied to the Open connection. Pressure line can be decoupled after the clamping process – the ZPS remains positively interlocked and self-locking. Pneumatic version Opening procedure: Pressurize ZPS. Retensioning connection must be pressure-free. The ZPS will release the pull stud, enabling it to be moved in and out of the ZPS. The ZPS will remain open as long as pressure is applied to...

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The change pallet to be clamped with the integrated pull studs must always rest against the contact surface of the ZPS base plate in the clamped state. 3.2 Installation in a mounting hole Do not remove assembly tool © for the hydraulic and pneumatic version Important: Neatly deburr mounting holes, clean hole and contact surface, check elements for greased state Tilt-free introduction Uniform screw tightening of the Zero Point System with installation tool, e.g., face spanner CAUTION: The spring is pre-tensioned at installation. Uniform tightening up to flat contact of the cover on the...

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INSTALLATION MANUAL ZPS-K5 CLAMPING MODULE Remove threaded stud  (hydraulic version) Insert assembly tool  CAUTION Spring is pre-tensioned in the installed state. Uniform unscrewing with installation tool, e.g., face spanner Uniform and tilt-free extraction Note on assembly tool : Screw long cylinder screw with large washer that covers the central hole for the pull stud into the base of the ZPS. In this way, the ZPS can be held together before removal so that it can be taken out as a unit. The supply holes for the pressure medium must be free during removal, as otherwise a vacuum could...

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INSTALLATION MANUAL ZPS-K5 CLAMPING MODULE 4.2 Installation instructions The pull stud with the engagement screw is to be inserted into the provided hole of the pallet. Please observe the arrangement of the various stud shapes and the arrangement of the ZPS timing stud slit. Tighten engagement screw with the torque wrench and defined torque. K05: (M6) 4.3 Tolerances and pull stud arrangement The pull studs have the following designs: Zero-point stud (1) - for full centring Timing stud (2) - for the centering of the still-free axis Clearance Stud (3) - only holding and tensioning function...

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