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Clamp Low with Power & Control Jergens offers a wide range of low profile clamping products for your unique applications. Our product lines are ready to interface with all modern machining systems, from vertical and horizontal to 5-Axis, allowing efficient machining for any workpiece. ■ More efficient usage of machinable area ■ Reduction in the number of tool changes ■ Extended cycle times ■ Free tool access to workpiece ■ Less space required compared to traditional vises ■ Overall time savings Jergens/ ok«vise WORKHOLDING CLAMPS AND ACCESSORIES Jergens OK-Vise workholding clamps and accessories bring threedimensional machining to your workflow, which means improved accuracy. Jergens OK-Vise's features include: ■ Pull-down action: no upward or downward movement required ■ Machinable jaws available ■ Special models and kits available workholding solutions | specialty fasteners | lifting solutions ©2016 JERGENS, INC. | DRM0216 15700 S. WATERLOO ROAD. CLEVELAND, OH 44110-3898 ^ 877.426.2504 | C3M jergensINc.coM/WORKHOLDING | ISI WORKHOLDING@jERgENSiNC.COm

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JERGENS WORKHOLDING SOLUTIONS Clamp Low with Power & Control Micro™ Clamp Low Profile Clamping Solutions Lo-Profile Micro™ Clamps Adjustable Micro™ Clamps Expanding Micro™ Clamps Micro™ Clamps Mirco™ T-slot Toe Clamps Edge Micro™ Clamps Machinable Expanding Micro™ Clamps Kopal® Mini Clamps Knife Edge Clamps ALSO AVAILABLE: Jergens Workholding Solutions and Jergens OK-Vise catalogs Request a copy or download at -389 8 44110 d, OH m elan nsin . Clev erge Road rloo LDIN G@j S. Wate WOR KHO | OLDI NG WORKHOLDING SOLUTIONS | SPECIALTY FASTENERS | LIFTING SOLUTIONS ©2016...

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