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Hydraulic Vise Column Compact, patented swivel coupling allows vise to rotate while hoses remain stationary; saves time and effort. Each vise can be independently operated to quickly unload and load parts. Shown with Ball Lock® fixture plate; other bases offered. JERGENS HYDRAULIC VISE COLUMN OTHER VISE COLUMNS Hydraulic vise with swivel coupling reduces production time by up to 50%. Simply operate hydraulic valves independently to quickly unload and load parts. Without hydraulics, operator must wrench manually to clamp and unclamp, wasting time. Hydraulics provide consistent clamping force, from 595 to 4,700 lbs (268 to 2,110 kg). Manual vises can result in operator fatigue; potential for inconsistent clamping force and variable cycle times. Patented swivel coupling allows column to turn while hoses remain stationary, saving operator time. Hydraulic vises without rotary coupling—operator must disconnect and reconnect hoses with each turn of the column. The extremely compact rotary coupling does not interfere with tooling. Bulkier designs can interfere with machine operation. The Standard Components with the Highest Standards ™ 15700 S. Waterloo Road • Cleveland, OH 44110 • +1-216-486-5540 • www.jerg

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Hydraulic Vise Column Jergens’ new Hydraulic Vise Column is a highly engineered, innovative workholding solution that saves more of what you need … time and money. Features such as the patented swivel coupling save operator time by eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect the two hydraulic hoses as the column rotates. The extremely compact coupling allows plenty of clearance, increasing valuable tooling space. • Individual valving allows each vise to operate independently. • Hydraulic vise ensures repeatable results with minimal effort when compared to manual vises. • Consistent...

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