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Quality Control for Safety's Sake Our quality control procdures define the entire manutacturing process and provide complte traceability from raw materials, lested in our metallurgical lab, to finished product. Our state-of-the-art, 110,000 square !oot facility is ISO 9001:2000 rated. and our center and side pull hoist rings are CE cerlified. Finally. ail hoist rings conform to AN SI/AS ME B30.26 standards. Jergens, Inc. is a proud supplier to leading companies in the following industries: 騕 Transportation M il itary/Aviation Օ Manutacturing Metalworking Օ Material Handling Rթcration...

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LIFTING SOLUTIONS Jergens. www.jergensinc.com Lift ID Automated Inspection and Compliance System Exclusively from Jergens, Lift IDٙ combines the power of RFID, the ease of mobile computers and the convenience of the Internet to automate the entire tracking and reporting process. This two part System combines rugged hardware and powerful software to simplify your workplace safety compliance program. The embedded RFID tags on Jergens' lifting products provide a quick and efficient way to identify and track equipment in the field.The RFID tag is scanned and Lift ID Software accesses our secure...

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QUALITY STANDARDS JBpgBns www.jergensinc.com Quality Standards For Center-Pull and Side-Pull Traditional Style Hoist Rings Assembly Data Traditional Center Pull and Side Pull hoist ring assemblies are pull-tested and certifiթe! to 200% of rated load capacity and stamped with identifying date code. AN hoist rings are designed for 5:1 strength factor. Օ Hoist rings are color coded for easy identification: gold washer dnotes inch sizes, silver/clear blue washer dnotes metric sizes. 驕 Finished assembly is black oxide (with the exception of the washer). The Jergens name or logo is prominently...

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WORKHOLDING SOLUTIOI We Are Jergens We got our start back in 1942, manufacturing tooling components to help American manufacturers operate quickly and more efficiently. "The Standard Components with the Highest Standards:" This founding philosophy put Jergens on the forefront of the "lean manufacturing" movement before anyone even thought to put those two words together. In the years since, Jergens has structured its offering to advance the cause of leaner manufacturing, adding products and engineered solutions for an integrated approach to "Manufacturing Efficiency." You can find Jergens...

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JeFgens MANUFACTURING FRCIENCY WORLD HEADQUARTERS lifting ˮoujthwt 15700 S. Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44110-3898 ^s> 800.537.4367 S 216.481.6193 E3 info@jerganiint.ctmiGHwww.jerggnsinc.com DISTRIBUTED BY: O Copyright jnrrj*n, Inc ?009

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