Ball Lock™ For 4th Axis Rotary Indexers


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INCH PRE-MACHINED FIXTURE/SUBPLATES Ball Lock™ For 4th Axis Rotary Indexers Problem: Rotary indexers increase the versatility of vertical machining centers, yet they offer one major challenge: set-up is so timeconsuming that it may limit a machine’s flexibility. In many cases, machinists dedicate their 4th Axis tool to a single machine to avoid the agony of an extended set-up and changeover. Jergen’s Solution: Ball Lock Mounting System for Indexers provides a double solution. Benefits: • Maximize indexer utilization • Eliminate lengthy set-ups • Accurate fixture plate changover in seconds Second, the Ball Lock System provides your fixture plate changeover. By mounting the round subplate to the indexer faceplate, you’ll “plug-in” new fixtures in record time (less than 60 seconds). First, Ball Lock mounting plates free up your machine for additional work by allowing a fast and accurate installation and removal of the complete indexer. Avoid hours of set up. The Ball Lock System does it in minutes, with repeatability at ±.0005" (±.013mm). Low profile, positive clamping, proven in over many years of field use. Indexer Face Plate Ball Lock Subplate Ball Lock Shanks Ball Lock Fixture Plate For Holding Production Workpiece Ball Lock Fixture Plate For Mounting Indexer to Subplate and Machine Table Subplates and fixture plates come with bushings pre

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