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Bending -Cutting- Rolling-Profile Bending Flexibility of human scale companies with the power of a group specialized in the design and manufacture of custom built production systems. Customized design PINETTE EMIDECAU Hydraulic presses for the compression of composites and plastics for the automobile, aeronautical and aerospace industries. JEAN PERROT Press brakes, guillotine shears, rolling machines and section benders for the sheet metal industry. SNEPRO Design of special machines, tools and test benches. North American after sales service. Tandem press brakes Guillotine for cutting long material. shear High speed integrated into automatic cutting line. BP 77 - 5 rue Paul Sabatier 71103 CHALON SUR SAONE Cedex FRANCE Tel (33) 03 85 47 88 00 Fax (33) 03 85 46 56 47 web : E-mail : JEAN PERROT INDUSTRIES une division de PINETTE EMIDECAU INDUSTRIES site web : Les photos sont non contractuelles et les renseignements sont donnés à titre indicatif et peuvent être modifiés sans préavis si nous le jugeons utile

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The APH, APHS, MGH and HGL ranges are particularly adapted to one-off, small and medium batch work. Ideally suited to the sheet metal fabrication industry. maneo : Press brakes with electronic synchronisation adapted to the productivity requirements of each user. Capacities from 75 tonnes x 2.5 m up to 2000 tonnes x 10 and Press brakes with electronic synchronisation featuring a user friendly numerical control providing 3 (Y1, Y2 & X) or 4 (Y1, Y2, X & R) axis control. Full range from 35T to 600T. We are also able to supply quality 3 or 4 roll, rolling machines. Tube and profile bending...

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