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JDN Air Hoists and Cranes are available with various controls to suit your special necessities. Rope Control Suitable for any control length: This control type provides infinitely speed control for hoist lifting and lowering motions and is suitable for any required control length. The rope control option is available for all PROFI series hoists up to 25 t capacity. For larger capacity PROFI series hoists 37 TI, 50 TI and 100 TI the rope is replaced by a pull chain for greater strength. FI-Control Sensitive control, for easy handling: The FI-Control provides precise infinitely variable speed...

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F-Control Available for multi-function use: The F-control is manufactured from an unbreakable synthetic material, resistant to external conditions. The ergonomically designed housing ensures ease of handling. Up to 18 different control functions can be incorporated in a single pendant control e.g key switch, two stage travelling speed, klaxon or simultaneous control of two hoist motors. As an option the F-control can also be delivered with infinitely variable speed control of hoisting and trolley travelling motions. Controls for JDN Air Hoists in motor trolley and JDN Monorail Hoists For...

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